"" Three Ladies and a Dad: January 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Buttons of blogs I read...(always new additions!)

Free Subscription: Body + Soul Magazine

A few nights ago, I was talking with my sister how I am so hesitant to buy magazine subscriptions anymore. After getting so many for free, I just have a hard time doing it. I told her there is one that I really want, but I am waiting to see if it will be free soon.

Well, lookie here...a free subscription to Body + Soul Magazine! I have seen this magazine at my chiropractic's office and love it. They have a lot of natural stuff and some great recipes and ideas. Check it out!

Oh, and my sister can vouch for that conversation.

Qlubb: A Review

As much as I love being a busy mom of two and a wife to an all over the place guy, it does get a little hectic. I have used calendars for some time now to schedule everything and keep an eye out for what each day holds.

When I was asked to review a new site, Qlubb, I was so excited. It is an online planner that all members of your family can log in to add what they need to, while at the same time, see what else is going on. Not only that, but it is great for groups as well.

"Qlubb is a web-based group utility that enables real-world groups to easily connect, share and get stuff done. Qlubb brings all aspects of group interaction to one simple and intuitive place. With event calendaring, sign-up sheets, photo sharing, member rosters, file sharing, task reminder service, and bulletin boards, Qlubb provides all the functions needed to easily and actively participate within a group."

Qlubb would be great for any clubs, groups, teams, committees you may be on and just general family appointments. Best of all, it is free and cuts out so much of the stress of trying to communicte with everyone. Just point members of the "Qlubb" to the website, and they are able to see everything that is happeneing within the group, plus add anything they may need to.

Overall, I would be more likely to use this tool if Jeremy could be counted to add what he may need to. I could see him not even looking on the site. But, for any family or group whn all members would use it, this site would be a huge help!

Gotta Have It? Visit Qlubb to get started!

New address & another free subscription...

First things first...go get your free subscription to Woman's Day! If you are already subscribed, still complete the offer. More times than not, they just add this subscription on to the end of your current one.

Secondly, I bought my own domain... no more blogspot address!

The address is now www.threeladiesandad.com.

The process of switching over should take no more than three days to complete, starting today. If you can't get here by using that address, just use my blogspot address instead.

If you are interested in doing the same...it is so simple! If you have Blogger and want some help, let me know. I would be happy to help you.


Maybe some relief...

I don't know if you know this, but Zoa has horribly dry skin. Especially in the winter, her skin gets so dry and itchy. Eczema = not fun.

I have tried Vaseline and the texture drives her crazy. (She is weird about textures.) Lotion is not moisturizing enough. Hydrocortizone cream works but once again, the feeling of it she does not enjoy. If you know Zoa, you know how persitant she is...if she does not like something, she will have none of it.

One of the blogs I read is We are THAT Family. She told the story of her toddler's issues with eczema. She also said that Tea Tree Oil works wonders for it (and many other things)! This makes me so happy...we are really trying more "alternative" forms of medicine with the girls. The less over the counter medicine, the better. (Did you know that honey is as good as over the counter medicine for coughing?)

I am definitely buying some next time I go shopping...which might be a while because of all this snow and ice.

I hope this post might help you out if you know someone with this...eczema is not fun for little ones.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday 2: Let the games begin!

That's right...even in the middle of winter, we show the Cubs who's boss.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

(Photo via.)

Wordless Wednesday: Winter

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
(Not bad for my phone's camera.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Free Subscription: Martha Stewart Living

Get your free subscription to Martha Stewart Living.
You will receive 12 issues.

One thing I learned today is magazines make snow days pass by quickly!

(Photo via.)

Looks can be decieving...

That's all ice and we still have about 16 more hours of this winter
weather...we should be getting a few inches of snow on top of
the ice before it is all said and done. Looks like another day off of work!

Free Diet Dr. Pepper!

Go here to request a coupon for a free 20 oz. or 2 Liter of Diet Dr. Pepper. It is limited to one per person.


But we have power...which is always a good thing. We are supposed to be getting more freezing rain today and snow later this evening and tonight.

I'll be back later!

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's here....

It has been sleeting/icing for about 20 minutes and the roads are white. Junk food is in our house and I'm okay with that. If we don't have power, what else can we munch on? We can only eat so many oranges.

Forecasters are mentioning that this could be the worst winter storm in the last two decades. If I am not here tomorrow mid-morning with pictures, our power is out. I am hoping that does not happen. Last year during the ice storm, we lost power and within eight hours, our temperature in the house was 50 degrees. That makes for a cold day with two little girls who have nothing to do.

Off to catch up on laundry, just in case.

(For the record, I love winter weather!!)

It's about time...for snow, not fraud.

I am so friggin' excited! We are supposed to be getting snow and maybe some ice. I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow morning to see what Mother Nature dumped on us overnight. I am like a little kid with snow...I bundle up and face it with excitement! Love Love Love It!!!

Saturday, on our way out the door, we get a call from the bank. They wanted to make sure we authorized five charges within ten minutes for $14.04. Ummm, nope. We are getting the money back in the bank and a new debit card is on the way. For you locals, what happened is a local business was hacked into. So, if you have used your debit card there, you are at risk too. They didn't say what business, but a lot of account holders at our bank was affected. Check your accounts online and make sure all is good!

We found a house to rent!! It is literally less than a block from MJ's school and one block from my work. Awesome! I can sleep in later now!

The news is on...gotta watch the weather. "Pretty significant storm...heavy amounts..." YEAH!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


This new menu for Jeremy and I is going to break us. Menu will be up later...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Isn't she cute?!

Guess here I am going after work?
Hollister for a new coat!

Thanks Jer for the 'go ahead'...I love you!
I will just take this as a reward for taking yesterday off to
pack for nine hours...with some friends, of course.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Movin' On Up

Today is the day. My news is on at work and I just set my TiVo to record it at home. It should be an interesting day given the obvious reasons, and I am excited as this is my first inaguration I have really watched. Sad, I know.

I will be twittering as I get the chance...I bet Twitter will be loaded today.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

That's a lot of food!

Ever since starting P90X, I have been so stinkin' hungry! All the time. As much as I love the Herbalife shakes, I am burning way too much energy for them to satisfy me right now.

I forgot about the Nutritional Guide that came with the program (duh!). I looked and figured out I was a Level One...which after picking and choosing my food, means I get...

Breakfast: 6 egg whites 1 c. strawberries & a protein drink
Snack: Protein Bar
Lunch: 3 oz. chicken breast & 2 c. spinach topped with 2 TBSP. Caesar dressing.
Snack: 1.5 oz. string cheese
Dinner: 6 oz. grill chicken and 1/2 c. brussel sprouts. I also get 8 oz. plain yogurt topped with 1 c. strawberries.
Snack: 3 oz. tuna & 12 crackers

Wow...I have not ate that much food in one day since I was in the 6th grade!

These foods are all part of a list. Depending on weight, you are classified as either a Level 1, 2 or 3. You get to pick your foods but they tell you how many proteins, dairy, snacks, veggies, carbs...etc. you get a day.

It seems like once I get the hang of it, it will be easy peasy and a true lifestyle change. Somethings gotta give...I am starving since starting this program. Now I know why...I should have been eating this much all along!

Also, this means our menu will change. I plan on doing everything on Sunday and Wednesday for Jeremy and I. Preparation is key...but I love to be in the kitchen so it works well. You will see our general dinner menu as always, plus mine and Jeremy's huge menu...if it does not take up so much room.


You all know my friend, Desera, right? Her mom bought herself and Des a pair of boots. Come to find out, Des's mom immediately had buyer's remorse, which was a bonus for me! Des knew I would like them, told me about them and told her mom to hold on to them until I could get them from her.

I love how they are super-tall and tight-fitting over jeans. They remind me of riding boots. Now, I just need to buy a pair of skinny jeans to wear with all these newly acquired boots.

Where's the debit card again?

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This is our menu for this week. I am going to try to stick to it as closely as possible, but with packing, getting boxes all over town and looking at houses to buy for now, it is a bit hard, to say the least. (Can you say run-on sentence?)

The plan for the next couple of weeks will be fast, simple meals. My kitchen is packed up, with four large plates, 4 bowls and two kids plates left out. We are using plastic utensils (So not green, I know. But we re-wash them!). I packed up most of my pots and pans, but left just a few out. If you have any suggestions for recipes that are fast and easy, please feel free to share. I still have my crock pot out too. Crock pot meals would be great from here until moving day.

Monday: Chicken, Veggie and Rice Casserole (So easy and soooo good.)
Tuesday: Shepard's Pie
Wednesday: Spaghetti and Homemade Garlic Bread (Taking the day off to pack. All day. With a friend! :))
Recession Noodles (Using turkey breast 'ground beef'.)
Friday: Italian Style Chicken Skillet and a veggie
Saturday: Out to dinner
Salsa Chicken, rice and a veggie

Snacks: Yogurt, Graham Crackers and Bananas

Need some recipe ideas? Go to Laura's for more Menu Plan Monday.
Want to start Menu-Planning? See the details here.

K-Mart Double Coupons!

K-Mart is doubling coupons again! I went this morning and I don't have a picture but before coupons and sales, my total was $93.17. After coupons...$24.11 (about 74% savings)!

I love this!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hurry up before he gets home.

I am off to do some more packing and then we will be out to Olive Garden. We got a $30 gift card for Christmas we have yet to use. (Free pasta!)

After that, I really want to go get a new coat at the mall. Then we will be off to Sam's to get a $15 membership! If you don't have a membership, they are worth it to us. Boneless, skinless chicken breast is the cheapest there, as is the organic spinach they carry. If you know me, you know baby spinach is a necessity in our home...it gets put in everything.

Jeremy is working today so it has been a lazy day. Those are great every once in a while...dontcha think? He gets off at 5:00 so I have got to get busy to make him think I have been go, go, go all day.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just words...nothing important.

I am exhausted. Macie is staying with a friend tonight which leaves just Zoa and I together for a few hours. Jeremy gets off at 7:00 tonight...he is the late manager. Sometimes, it is nice when he works late. Not that I don't love him, but just some downtime before I have to be a mommy and wife is nice.

I am debating whether to lie down for a few minutes or start packing for the night. I feel like if I don't rest, then I am going to crash early...which is not necessarily a bad thing.

I am just going to be honest with myself...I am going to clean and pack. I know I will.

Why can't my mind take a break when my body does? Do anyone else have this problem?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's a bad day to have a lost coat.

Not that mine is lost or anything. Ahem.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So much for that...

Working eight hours, running to Target and Wal-Mart for two hours, dinner and packing 15 boxes (!) makes for a full day.

I refuse to miss another day of working out. I feel like crap without it!

Off to do some Shoulders and Arms, along with Ab Ripper. Hopefully, I will be in bed by 11:00. (That was not meant to be sarcastic.)


Only today: Free Suave

Click here to get your free bottle of Suave!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Friendly Reminder...

Isn't it funny how sometimes things just happen in perfect timing? God sure knows what he is doing...

As I was going through my blog list, I read a post Drea wrote made me think and re-think immediately regret my post from yesterday. I recommend you check it out.

Tonight, I am going to try to be a better parent and thank God for what I have, instead of vent about what I don't have. Thanks for the reminder, Drea.

I'm off to eat some food, pack and workout!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Never in my life...

...have I wished I was at work instead of home.

Until now.

My girls are putting me over the edge.

Please pray for me...


We are still sticking to P90X! Does it seem as though once you get your routine down something always comes up to change everything? Our routine is getting ready to change. Sunday, we got an offer on our house!!

Now, our routine will involve packing, packing and packing. Maybe Jer and I can just do some cardio while we pack. That would be comical!

We close on the 12th of February. The plan is to rent for now until we decide what to do. We have four acres to build on, but now I am second guessing the location. We will just have to wait and see.

We are thrilled, as we have had our house on the market for roughly two and a half years!

Until next time...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Crab Cake Burgers , Cheesy Potato Skins and a spinach salad.

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Chunky Chicken Chili - With boneless, skinless breast instead of chicken thighs.
Wednesday: We never got around to homemade pizza last week.
Thursday: Chicken Caesar Wraps
Friday: Black Bean and Chicken Quesadillas and Corn
Saturday: Ham and Beans and Cornbread
Sunday: Leftovers

Snacks: Fruit and Popcorn

Need some recipe ideas? Go to Laura's for more Menu Plan Monday.
Want to start Menu-Planning? See the details here.

I have the best news in the whole world....come back today to find out! (Well, maybe not in your world, but ours for sure!)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maybe we are destined to love a cold, cold life.

Let me set the stage:

Once again, I am downstairs doing P90X. I did cardio, alone, while Jeremy was playing basketball. Cardio = hot and sweaty. (Or shweaty as MJ used to say.) I go upstairs, start dinner and hop in the shower...you guessed it.

No. Hot. Water. Again. And again.

Seriously. We have replaced the wiring, the heating elements, the coils?, checked the breaker...everything.

What's the prob, Bob?

It is only four years old. It's not like we have had it for years and years. We don't need to put out any more money now, especially after MJ's birthday present.

Any ideas on what it could be?

More doctors and a dip!

I'm off to take Zoa to the doctor (She has had a cough for three weeks now...bronchitis like MJ had?) but I wanted to share this recipe before I forgot. I had it last weekend and it is great spread on Wheat Thin style crackers. It is actually a stuffing for pork shops but they used it as a dip.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Spinach Dip...yummy!

Update: Bronchitis it is. Ugh.

Wordless Wednesday: A Makeover!

Thanks to Christy at Ruby and Roja Design, my blog just got a makeover!

Thanks again, Christy. It was great to work with you!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So much for that...

This morning, Jeremy and I were up at 5:00 to do Plyometrics. It is the first day since starting this last week that we have worked out in the morning. Plyometrics is the "Mother of P90X" and, to put it bluntly, a sweat-fest. Hard stuff, let me tell ya.

We finished at 6:20 so I go to hop in the shower. Once again, NO HOT WATER! I thought I could just take a cold shower, it can't be that bad, right? Wrong! I decided to just put my head under the faucet, wash my hair and see if it will warm up.


I fix my hair and I am out the door in my pajamas, headed to my dad's. Showering was not optional after this morning.

On top of that, my back is still sore from last week's workout and all I want it a massage and a hot bath.

Maybe this is a sign we should stop P90X.

Just kidding!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Build-A-Bear Winner!

The winner of the $10 Build-A-Bear gift card is:

Shelia said...

My daughter has been wanting to go to build -a- bear for so long ! I told her there was no way, with her dad losing his job before Christmas and I've been out for 2 years from an auto accident, but maybe there is a way thanks to this contest!

Sheila - please email me. You can find the email in my left sidebar. Hopefully you will come back here because I do not have a way of contacting you.

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Leftovers
Tuesday: Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps before my spinach goes bad!
Wednesday: Chicken Burritos and/or Tacos, Rice & Corn
Thursday: Rotini with Turkey Meatballs (Making extra Turkey Meatballs for the freezer.)
Friday: Homemade Pizza (Here is the dough recipe. Can I freeze it and save for later?)
Saturday: Out with friends
Sunday: Shrimp Cocktail, Steamed Veggies and Fruit

Snacks: Spiced Pumpkin Bread from the freezer and Oranges

Need some recipe ideas? Go to Laura's for more Menu Plan Monday.
Want to start Menu-Planning? See the details here.

By the way, our workout is still going! I can't believe I have stuck with it this long.

Friday, January 2, 2009


At dinner last night, I talked about resolutions with the girls. After explaining what it meant, they decided to make a few themselves.

For a while now, the biggest struggle of mine is coming home. It should feel like a sanctuary and my mind does nothing but race the minute I walk in the door at 4:00 every afternoon.

"Girls, put your shoes up. Put your coats away. Is it really that hard?"

The girls' "revolution" (as they pronounced it) was to pick up for 15 minutes every day, as soon as we get home. This is something I have tried to get them to do. Set the timer on the stove for 15 minutes and everyone pick up. You will be amazed at what all you will be able to do. I feel like we could all have so much fun, if they would just listen.

Also, the promised to be nicer to each other.

Story time:

For Christmas, Zoa got a Leapster 2 from Santa. The next day, she felt she should clean it was BODY SPRAY. Ruined. Water damage. After extensive surgery on the Leapster, it was revived. But, before we found out is was going to pull through, Macie said she would save up her allowance to buy her one.

How flippin' sweet is that? I was so proud.

But, yeah, we will see how long the 15 minute pick up time will last. I'm crossing my fingers!

Did you make resolutions this year?

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Jeremy and I have done nothing but go go go today and it has been great. Even though we spent all but a few minutes at home, in our my pajamas, we got so many things done around the house.

About a week or so ago, our hot water stopped. None. We managed to get it fixed within a day. It worked fine. The next morning, no hot water. Jeremy's dad came up and fixed it, while at the the same turning it up.

Last night, I took a super hot bath. It was fabulous. Jeremy took a hot shower. Greatness. Before we left for dinner, Jeremy checked on it downstairs. Ummm, we had 1/4 inch of water in one room in the basement. Thankfully, nothing was destroyed but it meant it was too hot and the valve opened up to release some pressure.

So today, Jeremy cleaned up the basement, added a hose to the pressure valve so the water would never flow out again, and fixed the hot water once more. (Hopefully.) While he was doing that, I watched some television - The First 48 was having a marathon. After a couple of episodes, I got up to clean. All my laundry is done, including all of my "Hand Wash Only" sweaters. Beds are washed...nothing like clean sheets. I cleaned the laundry room and moved the coats back to the coat closet in the loving room. My car is cleaned. Jeremy and I went to work on the garage next. We are having a bunch of things hauled off on Saturday from there.

Accomplishment. There is no other feeling like it.

Fine print for giveaways...

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1. I ship to the US only, unless otherwise stated.
2. If the winner has not replied within three days, a new winner will be chosen.
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