"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Heat, anyone?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Heat, anyone?

I mentioned in my last post that we were in the middle of a ice storm. Well, that ice storm has cause us to be out of power since Monday night around 10 or 11. We went to bed with power, and woke up Tuesday morning to 54 degrees. After bundling up the girls in clothes and covering them with blankets, I began searching for some food for breakfast. Have you ever thought about how much you use your microwave and stove? I was a bit scared to give them anything with milk since our refrigerator had been off for several hours.

Want to know what we at for breakfast yesterday?

That's right...potato chips. (I just know realized my last 3 posts have had something to do with potatos.) After that very nutritous and filling breakfast, we snuggled up some more, waiting for our power to be restored. We were told it should be back by noon. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Around 12:30, Jeremy came and picked us up. We went to his sister's house and lounged all afternoon, watching movies. It was such a relaxing afternoon. Around 7:00, we ventured back to our house only find that we still had no power. We packed up to go to my parent's house, or tired to anyway. Have you ever tried to pack with a candle for your light?

This morning, I called our power company and they told me power is back in our subdivision, but a few houses in it are still without power. Uh-oh...you watch, it will be us!

To top it all off, Macie and Zoa are both running a fever. Not sure what is going on, but last night Macie had a headache. I took her temperature and it is 103! Zoa's was a mild 100.5. Macie is down a bit and Zoa's is gone for now, and hopefully it will stay gone! Looks like another day with no school for them tomorrow. Gosh, I miss childhood!

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