"" Three Ladies and a Dad: April 2008

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Revolutionary Money Exchange

******Updated: Here are news articles on Revolutionary Money Exchange:
The Washington Post
USA Today
Read Write Web
Computer World
Wall Street Journal

If you notice the new link/picture in my sidebar, here is the back story. I have seen this on many blogs the last few months. I was skeptical at first so I held off in signing up. Everyone has had nothing but positive feedback from it. Basically, they are a competitor of PayPal and are trying to get people to sign up. You can transfer money or receive a check in the mail. For signing up, as a promotion, they deposit $25.00 in your account for you. It is a financial institution, just like PayPal, so they do need your Social Security Number, but it is a secure website.

Revolution Money is an actual bank with FDIC insurance. It was started by a former CEO of AOL.

Here's the deal. I am going to donate any money I receive from referrals ($10 for every person that uses the link, up to $500) to Jess and her family. This is something I am doing on my own. If you would like to sign up, great! If not, I understand also! This isn't really a fund raiser, but money I 'make' will not be spent on clothes, bills....etc. It will be spent well! I promise!

Jess is doing really well, by the way. She is starting to talk more, although it is raspy for now. She is sitting up in a chair and continues to put those new lungs to work!

Thanks for your prayers throughout all of this! They are priceless!

Monday, April 28, 2008

If you need a smile...

Yesterday was good day. We found out Jess is doing well and we just had a good day all around. We slept in and missed church to do so. It was nice though. Sometimes you just need that. An hour after breakfast, we found ourselves all on the loveseat, myself laying down, feet on Jeremy, Macie beside me and Zoa on top of Jer. It was comical and somewhat uncomfortable, but we stayed there for about an hour, goofing around and watching television.

Then we started to do our normal weekend stuff, laundry, yard work, and general picking up. After AWANA, we came home and I made supper. The girls went to sleep at 8:30, which was a nice break. I was still up doing laundry until 10:30. I am a bit of a night owl. I may lounge all day on the weekends, but come 7 or 8 o' clock, I start my stuff...laundry and cleaning. Odd, but at least it gets done. We were watching a movie - The Break Up - and just wanted to post this scene of You Tube. If you have not seen the movie, it is hilarious - and you have to watch it a second time to really catch everything.

And that is that.

Menu Plan Monday

Since I have been trying a lot of new things lately, I am going to start letting you know what we loved. Turkey Mini Meatloafs and Shrimp, Asparagus and Pesto Fettucini were a huge hit in our home. We will definitely have these again!

Here is this weeks menu:
Monday - Forty Clove Garlic Chicken with Sweet Potatoes. I found a few different versions of this but I tried to use the healthiest.

Tuesday - Homemade Pizza using this Whole Wheat Pizza Dough from last week. I was too tired to make dinner so we had an frozen dinner.

Wednesday - Hamburger Buddy
Thursday - Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps

Friday - Whole-Wheat Fusilli with Beef Ragu

Snacks: Whatever fruit is on sale this week.

Head on over to Laura at Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good Day for the Zoo

This morning, we took off for the zoo. It was a great, sunny day and we wanted to visit the zoo before it got too miserably hot. After eating our picnic lunch, we strolled around all the animals. We saw pretty much all of them, which I think is a first for us. Best of all, the girls had zero meltdowns, which makes for an even better day!

After the zoo, we drove around for a while, hoping the girls would be able to get a short nap in before heading off to Red Robin for dinner. Zoa fell asleep for about, um, 2.2 seconds so we gave up on that idea! Everytime we travel, if they have a Red Robin, we are there. We then made the trek back home. All in all, the day was perfect!

Now, down to business. A few things have happened with Jessie since the last post. Her surgery to remove the packing was a success. They planned on trying to wake her up from the coma today, as well as remove the vent. She opened her eyes early this afternoon, but unable to fully comprehend everything that has taken place these last few days. Due to a few problems, they are going to give her the coma-inducing medicine once again and re-try everything tomorrow. She is scared so please pray for her, emotionally and well as physically.

I think that is about it for now. Praise God everything has went overall pretty well this last week or so. It has been said numerous times by several people that it is un-heard of that people get the organs they need as soon as Jessie did. It is a miracle in our eyes, to say the least. We have many things to be thankful for, and I am ashamed it takes something like this for me to realize it.

Good night!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Whitney is back home for the time being and will be updating today with some details as far as what has been going on. I left my post pretty general, knowing that I did not want to get the specifics messed up. I feel that if I don't post the details, the room for an error by me is far less. Everyone who lives in a small town can understand how one minor details can change a whole story!

I spoke with Whitney last night and Jessie is doing as well as can be expected. Any problems that she may be having right now are completely normal for transplant and CF patients. That's a praise!

They are going to start weaning her off of the ventilator and meds that are keeping her 'asleep' on Saturday. Please pray this goes smoothly and is not too overwhelming for Jess once she wakes up. Remember, she was already in the medically induced coma when they got the phone call. Imagine her reaction when she finds out about everything that has been going on!

Last I heard from Whitney, Jessie will be back in surgery to remove the packing sometime today.

Whitney told me several nurses at the hospital mentioned that they have never seen a patient receive the organs they need hours after going on the transplant list! I think it shocked everyone!

You can check Whitney's blog throughout the day for the details, but take in mind she will probably sleep for a while before heading back to hospital tomorrow.

Also, please remember the donor's family. They must be grieving now and planning funeral arrangements. If only they knew...

Thanks for everything!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Successful Surgery

At this point, all I know is Jessie came out of surgery and it was a success. I will update with any further news.

We love you Jessie!

(Thanks for the picture Dad. I was going to get one from my computer but you beat me to it!)

Back to the OR

Unfortunately, the area around the right lung started to bleed during surgery. The surgeon thought it was under control but once Jess got back in her room, they felt they should go back in to pack the area. In the near future, they will need to remove the packing once the bleeding as ceased.

Just a small side note: Jess's mom signed the papers to have her activated on the transplant list at 4:30 p.m. yesterday and they received the call around 1:30 a.m. today. Nine hours later.

Isn't God awesome?

Praise God!

Jess is out of surgery and is doing wonderful, considering the circumstances. She still has a long road ahead of her, but for the time being she is doing great! Thank you for all your prayers!

Quicker than Expected

I just got a text from Whitney. They expect to be done with the surgery around noon and she will be ready for visitors by 1:00.

Jess--we're praying for you!

God's Answer

Jessie has lungs! She was activated on the transplant list last night, and this morning they got the phone call! Amazing, huh?! Whitney is with her and the family and she will keep me updated throughout the day.

Just a quick note...the doctor's expect the surgery to take anywhere from 4-12 hours. They are leaning more toward the surgery taking 12 hours, which makes for a long wait.

Please pray for strength for Jess to get through the surgery, comfort and peace for the family, and God to guide the surgeon's hand. He is the Ultimate Physician.

Also, please pray for the donor's family. Remember, these lungs just didn't appear out of thin air.

I will let you know something as soon as I know.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update #2

Between Whitney and I, we should be able to keep everyone updated. Whitney will be leaving within the next 2 hours to go visit Jess. You can check out her blog for more recent updates.


I have had a few people e-mail me with questions regarding my previous post.

Jessie, around the age of one year old, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Jessie has been best friend's with Whitney since they were in diapers and like family to our family.

It is common for CF'ers to be hospitalized for help getting over infections. Hospitals has been a once a year trip for Jessie. She went up this past weekend and was admitted into ICU. The doctor told her she would most likely remain in ICU until she gets the double lung transplant her body needs. This, in other words, is an unpredictable length of time she will be admitted. It all depends on when donor lungs will become available.

I am not sure what else to put. I hope to go on Saturday to visit with her, as long as Whitney is going. Whitney will be going to see her tomorrow as well.

In the word's of my dad...

...you might want to grab a tissue. I received this in my Inbox this morning. You cannot help but smile when the video gets to 5 1/2 minutes into it.

Also, please check out my sister's blog. Remember this? Please, if you have yet to do that but want to, today is the day.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day 2008

I planned on writing this long, in depth post about my plans for Earth Day. Instead, this will have to do.

In the last six months or so, I have done the following:
---Started recycling
---Slowly switched the light bulbs to CFL's
---Use more natural light. We are lucky enough to have huge windows so this is easy!
---Bought organic foods
---Started my family on eating less red meat
---Always washed clothes on cold water
---Use reusable bags when shopping
---Switched 99% of household cleaners, including laundry detergent, to Method, Seventh Generation, or Mrs. Meyers

In the next six months, I want to do the following:
---Organize my recycling better, which I will do tonight
---Continue with the light bulbs until they are all replaced
---Start a organic garden, even if a small one
---Start shopping at my local farmer's market
---Re-adjust our budget to allow more organic, local foods. (Think coupons on everyday stuff!)
---Finish switching out my cleaning products
---Use less energy overall
---Eliminate all paper towels and start using cloth napkins
---Get Jeremy on this bandwagon with me!

I know that many people thinks that our impact is small, but in reality, the Earth will not be the same for future generations. Your great grandchildren! Check out this and this. These aren't the only facts sheets out there. Go look them up. It will astound you!

So, that's it. Go green with me!

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

We had such a good time last night! After work and cleaning up, we went to dinner and exchanged gifts. We were home by 8:00 but it was perfect!

I have a few pictures I want to post. The first will need a back story: I have started a 'class' at church on Thursday nights. It is called "Bread of Idleness" and looks to be very interesting. Lisa, the teacher, tells us her methods of making her own bread, right down to milling her own flour! Super healthy and free of all those dang preservatives! She also uses natural remedies for her children and family who may be sick. I have been stoked about it and it started last Thursday. Jeremy planned on being home in time for me to go...around 6:45 because the class starts at 7:00. At 7:05, I put this note on the door:

Ha! Ha! Needless to say, I didn't make the first week, but there are still 3 classes left so I plan to make those.

I went shopping this past weekend and wanted to share my first major savings.

This was part of my shopping trip -
Bath Buddies: Four at .94 each = $3.76
Huggies Clean Team: Four at $3.19 each = $12.76
Colgate Toothpaste: Three boxes (Free sample with purchase) at $3.09 each (Sale price) = $9.27
Total Retail - $25.79

Coupons Used-
Bath Buddies: $1.00 off 1 = $4.00
Huggies Clean Team: $3.00 off Purchase of Two = $6.00
Colgate: 3 $1.00 off Target Coupon plus 3 $1.50 off Manufacture Coupon = $7.50
Total Coupns: $17.50

Total out of pocket: $8.29

Looking back, I should've passed on the Huggies but I am still super excited! (Plus, we are fully stocked on toothpaste!)

Also, I am going to wait until that new Renyold's Bag sealer goes on sale and use this and this. The rebate is good for up to 10 but expires soon so I have to watch for it.

I think that is all for now. Oh! Happy Earth Day! I am going to have another post on this later today! How are you celebrating?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Post Numero Tres

Look what I just got...

I also made this post to remind everyone that tomorrow is Earth Day. What are you going to do? If you haven't though of anything, check out Earth 911. I have a challenge for my family (Jeremy and the girls), but if anyone else is up for it, let me know. I will post the details tomorrow!

One year later...

We made it a year! And they said we you would never do it....whatever! Even though we have already had some pretty rocky times before we got married, I am so glad we did! We have a relationship like no other and I would not have it any other way...it has gotten us to where we are today. I love you and look forward for many more years spending our lives together!

With much love,

Menu Planning Monday

Monday - Pampered Chicken with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Sugar Snap Peas
Tuesday - Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs

Wednesday - Chili Burgers ( Instead of canned or homeade chili, I just add Chili Powder to my Turkey Burger Recipe. That way you get the flavor of the chili) and Home Fries. I might add some chili seasoning to the fries also.

Thursday - Shrimp and Fettuccine entree from last week.

Friday - Homemade Pizza, using this Whole Wheat Pizza Dough recipe I found. I am not sure what toppings to use...I have some sausage in the freezer and can buy turkey pepperoni. The other pizza I will probably just do veggie.

Head on over to Laura at Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I love a good sale!

From A Call to Higher Places:

Two, count 'em, two pairs of Victoria's Secret Slippers for $1.00! Woo-hoo! Go to Victoria's Secret and click on Sales/Specials. Then click on Robes. They are the Pom-Pom Booties and are originally $5.00 a pair. Put two in your shopping cart. Once you get to the checkout page, enter the following Promotional Codes: TRYVS (Free Shipping) & SP810573 ($5.00 off). I just ordered mine and the total was $1.07 with tax. Wow! I love this stuff! It expires on April 23 so get them while they last!

In other news, still no word on the buyers that wanted the house. Sigh. Still waiting.

Nothing else has been going on really. Last night, I went to bed at 9:00. With the coupons I love and my new bedtime, I feel like I am really aging. Ha!

Any suggestions for an anniversary gift for a sports loving, not really romantic but can be when he wants to be husband? I am clueless.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My New Love

I have found a new love - coupons. Some of you may be laughing, but I love it!

Here are the ones I redeemed yesterday on my Sunday night Wal-Mart run:

Centsible Savings blogged about free cereal. Wal Mart has their Malt-O-Meal cereal on rollback $2 for 2 bags. This is the cereal that comes in the bag and taste like the name brand cereal. It only comes in a few types. But after using this coupon and this one, you get it free, plus overage!

She also blogged about a free Colgate Toothbrush. Use these coupons. Wal-Mart has a Colgate toothbrush for $.97 so you also get $.03 overage. (With this link you get more Colgate coupons also.)

Money Saving Mom posted a coupon for a free Scotch-Brite Toilet Bowl Starter Kit. You can print as many as you want so stock up!

You can also get free Johnson and Johnson Bath Buddies. Just use these coupons for $2 off 2 products. The Bath Buddies are $.99 for one.

You can also get $.16 cans of Organic Tomatoes! Print off this coupon for the $1.00 off Muir Glen product.

One thing I am going by is only finding coupons for products I normally buy, unless it is free. Otherwise, I really am not saving any money. To reduce clutter, I have designated a Rubbermaid plastic drawer for freebies or samples I get. I figure a sample of shampoo could get me through until I make it to the store to pick some up. I don't want it in my bathroom cluttering space up. Know what I mean?

I used several more but I cannot find the links now. Sorry! Let me know if you like this kind of stuff, otherwise, since it takes a while to link everything up, I won't keep posting them.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

Monday - Something quick for the girls. Jeremy and I will have dinner at the church for Titus 2 Final Meeting.

Tuesday - Golden Chicken with Refried Beans

Wednesday -Turkey Mini Meatloafs with Roasted Broccoli

Thursday - Shrimp, Asparagus and Pesto Fettucini

Friday - Smoky Corn and Black Bean Pizza with Tortilla Chips

Head on over to Laura at Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pictures! (No make-up...watch out!)

Tonight's the Night

I guess I should say this afternoon. After work, I am getting my hair cut. Probably around nine inches or so. Deep breaths! Pictures to follow!

We still have no news on the house. Waiting patiently...tick, tock. (Insert sarcastic gesture here.)

A few small random things...

I did step on the scale. I have been dieting and to my surprise, I have gotten over the plateau! I lost another 4 pounds and have 8 more to go. At this rate, I should be at my goal weight before vacation. We also changed up the vacation plans. We are going to take the girls to Gulf Shores (hopefully) in May, and then Jeremy and I will be heading out to Mexico in August if it all works out. If not, at least we get to go to the beach with the girls. I am so excited to see their reaction!

Oh!!! I almost forgot! Last night, while loading the dishwasher Macie and I had a conversation somewhat like this:

Macie: Mom, I don't believe in Santa anymore.

Me: What!?

Macie: I think the parent's get up in the middle of the night and put gifts under the tree.

Me: Who told you that nonsense! That is silly, Macie!

At this time, Macie burst into tears. She was afraid I would get upset at her or whoever told her that. (I used this to my advantage, explaining she can tell me anything, no matter what...etc.)

I ended up talking privately to her and she filled me in.

I pulled off a 'save' and hopefully we can get another few years with Santa Claus.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What If?! (Part 2)

Our realtor called last night. She spoke to the family's realtor (let's call him Joe) and they feel this house, our house, is the one! Joe will be out of town for a few days. During this time, the family will be getting a few things in order. We should be expecting a phone call by the end of the week...which I assume to be an offer.

I am still not getting my hopes up. Sigh. We have been close before, but never this close.

We have not started looking where we will go if it does sell. We have a few ideas in our head but that is about it. We do know once I graduate school (in about two and a half years), we will build. This next house will be temporary so we will not be too particular.

Changing subjects, our life has been somewhat slowed down lately, which is something that can be a good thing. We have been busy at home - constantly cleaning and keeping up with the laundry - just in case someone pops in wanting to show it. I am amazed how we can keep a clean house after all. Jeremy and I have a system down as to who cleans what when. It has worked thus far and I have so much more time in the evenings.

I am loving the menu planning. We are saving so much money already and it really is a relief to know what I am cooking that evening. I am trying to make them healthy meals, which since I can actually take time out to plan them, doesn't always mean it is grilled chicken.

I will keep you updated on the house situation.

Monday, April 7, 2008

What If?!

We had a family look at our home on Thursday night. The feedback our realtor said was they really liked it and wanted to show it to their parents. They saw it again on Saturday and once again on Sunday. Sunday they were there for over an hour! I am really hoping this turns into something much larger but it will be a let down if it doesn't. With that said, we are trying not to get our hopes up but...what if?!

Menu Planning Monday

This is going to be an easy week...I have a cold that will not go away and I plan on doing grocery shopping tomorrow night.

Monday--I will be eating out with a friend. I am making BBQ chicken and a veggie for the kiddos and Jeremy.

Tuesday--Didn't get around to the salmon last week so that is going here.


Thursday--Soup, salads and sandwiches


I told you it was an easy week!

Head on over to Laura at Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Zero, Zip, Nada, Nothing

That has been what is going on this week. Besides the ordinary, we have had a regular week. No surprises, which is always nice.

The menu planning is going well. I have not stuck to the specific days, but we have had something off of the menu every night so far, with the exception of Wednesday night. Someone called, wanting to see our house after ballet, which would have put the girls not eating dinner until at least 7:00. They could not handle it.

Oh Kara...I just make my recipes up from stuff I know. Some are from myself, some are from my mom...etc. I usually alter each recipe to fit our needs. For example, always buy the low-fat kind or add spinach to everything. You cannot taste it at all. The more I cook, the more comfortable I am with it. I know if I don't have the exact amount, it will still turn out okay. I don't really use recipes.

As for a cake, I know diet soda is not the greatest thing, but you can omit oil and eggs in a store bought cake mix and add a can of diet soda instead. Bake the cake as you normally would. With chocolate cake, you add diet coke. With white cake, you can add any diet soda, but you might get a slight flavor from the soda with it. (White cake, diet root beer and vanilla icing is good. Diet Sprite with lemon icing is good too.)

That's all for now...have a good weekend.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Giving Back

A blog my sister, Whitney, and I read mentioned April is Organ Donation Month. (You can check out the blog here.) As of today, there are 98,634 people on the transplant list. Please consider donating. You can go to Organ Donation Registry website to register as well as sign the back of your driver's license. My driver's license has always been signed but I just learned of the website.

I registered some time ago and they sent me and 'Thank You' e-mail, which I then forwarded to my family members so they know how I feel should something happen. Please don't forget to tell your family members, as they have the final say should the situation arise.

If you choose to do this, please know that registering takes only a few moments.

Matt. 25:13 – Jesus says “watch therefore, and be prepared, for you know neither the day nor the hour."