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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Revolutionary Money Exchange

******Updated: Here are news articles on Revolutionary Money Exchange:
The Washington Post
USA Today
Read Write Web
Computer World
Wall Street Journal

If you notice the new link/picture in my sidebar, here is the back story. I have seen this on many blogs the last few months. I was skeptical at first so I held off in signing up. Everyone has had nothing but positive feedback from it. Basically, they are a competitor of PayPal and are trying to get people to sign up. You can transfer money or receive a check in the mail. For signing up, as a promotion, they deposit $25.00 in your account for you. It is a financial institution, just like PayPal, so they do need your Social Security Number, but it is a secure website.

Revolution Money is an actual bank with FDIC insurance. It was started by a former CEO of AOL.

Here's the deal. I am going to donate any money I receive from referrals ($10 for every person that uses the link, up to $500) to Jess and her family. This is something I am doing on my own. If you would like to sign up, great! If not, I understand also! This isn't really a fund raiser, but money I 'make' will not be spent on clothes, bills....etc. It will be spent well! I promise!

Jess is doing really well, by the way. She is starting to talk more, although it is raspy for now. She is sitting up in a chair and continues to put those new lungs to work!

Thanks for your prayers throughout all of this! They are priceless!

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