"" Three Ladies and a Dad: April 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Zoa's static-y hair is the perfect representation of our lives right now.

All over the place!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Random: ADJ: 1. Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective:

1. I am LOVING staying at home. Even though this week I have been super busy, I am loving being home every day, cooking my girls breakfast, enjoying a quiet cup of coffee and getting them ready for school. I do have school two times a week and I go early each day to try to get in a few hours of studying. Honestly, with everything going on, I am busier and more tired than I was when I was working!

2. I am making an 'A' in Anatomy and Physiology! I study all the time, you know, when I am not sweeping floors, cooking, doing laundry or being a mom.

3. I have skipped over on commenting on many blogs lately. I will make it there. I am reading though!

4. I bought a sewing machine a few weeks ago and have made the girls the cutest bubble skirts. I am addicted and after my next test on Thursday, I am making them dresses. That's all I need, more things to do!

5. My life revolves around school.

6. I have a hard time sitting still. Even when I am sitting down, I am always doing something else. I honestly get bored sitting around doing nothing!

7. Enjoy spring and have a great weekend!

Friday, April 2, 2010

It has paid off...

I am officially a
Stay at Home Mom Student!

I have to go to the office tomorrow for a couple of hours to do the last bit of training with the new girl but other than that...I am done!

All of our hard work for getting out of debt has finally paid off and I will be able to stay at home with the girls throughout the remainder of my time in school, which is about two years. I will be doing a few things to make a little bit of money, but mostly that will pay for gas each week.

Hopefully, I will have some time to study during the day because seriously, I cannot handle my house when it looks like it has since I started school February 22. I am hoping it works out like this so I would love some good vibes and prayers that this is how it will play out.

Now, I am off to study since I have an Anatomy and Physiology test on Tuesday. I am so sick of muscles, joints and bones it is not even funny!

When your husband messed up his ligament and your only response is "That's dense connective tissue!", you know your head has been in the books.