"" Three Ladies and a Dad: June 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Build-A-Bear Part 2

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Keeping It Real: The Office/Dining Room/Laundry Room

Alternatively Titled: Don't Judge


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Tomorrow, I will be in our living room. I want to clean out drawers filled with random things. I think it will be relatively easy so I may also clean an area on some stairs we have that are used as a closet. :)

Dusting off cobwebs

Not literally, of course.

I am starting classes back up on July 26. Yes, I have taken in precious time with my girls. We have done tons of things, most of which I have told you about. But this week, I am cleaning.

My mission is to designate one day each week to one room and deep clean that room. That means sorting, organizing, throwing away and storing everything in that room that needs attention.

Today was supposed to be at the water park so I chose the office area. It is smaller but has quite a few random things in it. I would like to update this post with before and after pictures but we will see.

I have great intentions with this. But I am scared. With Jeremy and I doing P90X in the morning and me running at night three times a week, I am hoping to find the time and energy to purge and clean my entire house. I have to make time during the day in between all our other chores. I mean, the clothes I weeded out of the closet are still waiting to be sorted.

If you want to chime in...feel free! You can also check out my Twitter updates, as I am sure I will be venting updating often.

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Menu Plan Monday: The Week of June 27

Back to menu planning! I have been a slacker for a while now on posting these but I am making time for the blog...or at least trying!

I picked up some marinated chicken breasts from a local meat processor so we have a lot of chicken breast. I am all for pantry meals that lower the grocery bill!

Monday: Salsa chicken with black beans (I am putting this in the crock pot before we leave to meet friends at the water park.)
Tuesday: Teriyaki chicken and a veggie or two. Jeremy and I are headed to the Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse showing at the theater!!

Wednesday: Chicken burritos with leftover salsa chicken with corn
Thursday: Greek chicken breasts...this seasoning is soo good. I have got to figure out the spices.
Steaks on the grill (Steaks are from our last beef that we bought.), corn on the cob and a salad
Saturday: Headed to St. Louis to do some shopping! I will use leftovers from Thursday to make wraps with spinach and caeser dressing if we get back for dinner.
Sunday: Hamburgers, salad, chips...and whatever else we can find.

Make your way over to I'm An Organizing Junkie for hundreds of meal ideas and menu plans!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Build-A-Bear Part 1

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Saturday, June 26, 2010


After returning from Build-A-Bear Headquarters this week, which is a whole other post, Zoa started screaming and her the bottom of her foot was bleeding. After looking it over and doing the mom and dad thing, trying to calm her down, I realized that she had a piece of glass in it.

Crap. I needed the tweezers.

I got in position and Jeremy was taking on the duty of trying to calm her down while I got it out.

She was scared, understandably. And if you know Zoa, she does not get scared easily so I knew she must be terrified. Patiently, we talked to her, letting it know it was necessary it come out.

Luckily, I got it out on the second try.

After bandaging her up, Jeremy started to tell the story of how he knew from experience it was important to get the glass out.

He told us when he was a little boy, he somehow managed to get a piece of glass in the bottom of his toe while playing in the laundry room. The glass was not sticking out and very apparent, so it stayed in there for quite a few weeks before it made its way out on the top of his toe. He told Zoa that she is lucky we got it out, otherwise it would be very sore like his was.

Zoa then asked him why he was playing in the laundry room.

I wonder if she even heard the rest of the story.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A break from the sun...

Thunderstorms are in full swing right now and to be honest, it is nice. I am still in my pajamas and the girls are on the floor, playing quietly.

Before I knew storms were in the forecast today, I planned to do just that. After my morning pot of coffee, I started to go through my closet. I now have a pile of clothes that must be gone through and separated into Ebay, consignment and Goodwill stacks. It will get done, eventually.

Like I said, we have been in the sun nearly every day. I have finally got some color and I am stocked up on good 'ole Vitamin D. Yesterday, we went to the girls' cousins' pool and they took turns sliding and jumping.

Tomorrow, we are back at the pool...in this heat, you just have to have water!

This weekend is our annual Crawl for Cancer. We are heading up late Friday afternoon and will be home early Sunday afternoon.

And I guarantee you the next morning all of us will be saying how we cannot wait for next years. It is such a fun time and a few nights where all our friends can act like we are young and carefree!

This year, we have a total of 20 people that are "crawling" with us. It should make for an interesting night...you just never know what is going to happen when all of us get together each year for it!

I also want to apologize for the excess of pictures. If it makes you feel better, I took 172 pictures yesterday...so I really did cut them down.

I hope you are doing your best to stay cooled down in the heat!

Friday, June 11, 2010

the view from here

This summer has been the best by far. Since I have never been a stay at home mom, I am trying my darnedest to live it up with the girls before classes start again.

After our morning to do list, we are outside everyday....playing with bubbles, drawing on the patio with sidewalk chalk, playing in the sprinkler and setting up the little pool and splashing. We have had trips to the library and seen a snake show, been on Starfall several times, and have been journaling. I have also managed to read a few books while the girls have friends over to play.

So. awesome.

This morning, I told the girls to get our chores done and let's head back outside. I am loving it...sipping chugging my Diet Coke and enjoying my girls like never before.