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Monday, June 28, 2010

Dusting off cobwebs

Not literally, of course.

I am starting classes back up on July 26. Yes, I have taken in precious time with my girls. We have done tons of things, most of which I have told you about. But this week, I am cleaning.

My mission is to designate one day each week to one room and deep clean that room. That means sorting, organizing, throwing away and storing everything in that room that needs attention.

Today was supposed to be at the water park so I chose the office area. It is smaller but has quite a few random things in it. I would like to update this post with before and after pictures but we will see.

I have great intentions with this. But I am scared. With Jeremy and I doing P90X in the morning and me running at night three times a week, I am hoping to find the time and energy to purge and clean my entire house. I have to make time during the day in between all our other chores. I mean, the clothes I weeded out of the closet are still waiting to be sorted.

If you want to chime in...feel free! You can also check out my Twitter updates, as I am sure I will be venting updating often.

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Alicia said...

Your plans sound much like mine. Once we found out that this little person I am "growing" will need her own space we knew it was time to purge. We have the spare room all cleaned out, now we just have to do the same with every other room. It's amazing how much stuff one can accumulate.

How was the crawl?