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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I love a good sale!

From A Call to Higher Places:

Two, count 'em, two pairs of Victoria's Secret Slippers for $1.00! Woo-hoo! Go to Victoria's Secret and click on Sales/Specials. Then click on Robes. They are the Pom-Pom Booties and are originally $5.00 a pair. Put two in your shopping cart. Once you get to the checkout page, enter the following Promotional Codes: TRYVS (Free Shipping) & SP810573 ($5.00 off). I just ordered mine and the total was $1.07 with tax. Wow! I love this stuff! It expires on April 23 so get them while they last!

In other news, still no word on the buyers that wanted the house. Sigh. Still waiting.

Nothing else has been going on really. Last night, I went to bed at 9:00. With the coupons I love and my new bedtime, I feel like I am really aging. Ha!

Any suggestions for an anniversary gift for a sports loving, not really romantic but can be when he wants to be husband? I am clueless.

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