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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good Day for the Zoo

This morning, we took off for the zoo. It was a great, sunny day and we wanted to visit the zoo before it got too miserably hot. After eating our picnic lunch, we strolled around all the animals. We saw pretty much all of them, which I think is a first for us. Best of all, the girls had zero meltdowns, which makes for an even better day!

After the zoo, we drove around for a while, hoping the girls would be able to get a short nap in before heading off to Red Robin for dinner. Zoa fell asleep for about, um, 2.2 seconds so we gave up on that idea! Everytime we travel, if they have a Red Robin, we are there. We then made the trek back home. All in all, the day was perfect!

Now, down to business. A few things have happened with Jessie since the last post. Her surgery to remove the packing was a success. They planned on trying to wake her up from the coma today, as well as remove the vent. She opened her eyes early this afternoon, but unable to fully comprehend everything that has taken place these last few days. Due to a few problems, they are going to give her the coma-inducing medicine once again and re-try everything tomorrow. She is scared so please pray for her, emotionally and well as physically.

I think that is about it for now. Praise God everything has went overall pretty well this last week or so. It has been said numerous times by several people that it is un-heard of that people get the organs they need as soon as Jessie did. It is a miracle in our eyes, to say the least. We have many things to be thankful for, and I am ashamed it takes something like this for me to realize it.

Good night!

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