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Friday, April 25, 2008


Whitney is back home for the time being and will be updating today with some details as far as what has been going on. I left my post pretty general, knowing that I did not want to get the specifics messed up. I feel that if I don't post the details, the room for an error by me is far less. Everyone who lives in a small town can understand how one minor details can change a whole story!

I spoke with Whitney last night and Jessie is doing as well as can be expected. Any problems that she may be having right now are completely normal for transplant and CF patients. That's a praise!

They are going to start weaning her off of the ventilator and meds that are keeping her 'asleep' on Saturday. Please pray this goes smoothly and is not too overwhelming for Jess once she wakes up. Remember, she was already in the medically induced coma when they got the phone call. Imagine her reaction when she finds out about everything that has been going on!

Last I heard from Whitney, Jessie will be back in surgery to remove the packing sometime today.

Whitney told me several nurses at the hospital mentioned that they have never seen a patient receive the organs they need hours after going on the transplant list! I think it shocked everyone!

You can check Whitney's blog throughout the day for the details, but take in mind she will probably sleep for a while before heading back to hospital tomorrow.

Also, please remember the donor's family. They must be grieving now and planning funeral arrangements. If only they knew...

Thanks for everything!

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April said...

I like your statement about the small town thing...funny and true! This is such an amzing story to begin with but I could not imagine waking up and finding out I went through all this stuff in such a short time frame. I thought it was really shocking about the quickness of the lungs becoming available as well, but that is just what is so awesome about it and shows you the power of God. I know the donors family is grieving right now but look at what the sibling was able to do in their last?! I am just blown away about everything and thankful that everything is going good. I home that she recovers well adn as smooth as she possibly can.