"" Three Ladies and a Dad: What If?! (Part 2)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What If?! (Part 2)

Our realtor called last night. She spoke to the family's realtor (let's call him Joe) and they feel this house, our house, is the one! Joe will be out of town for a few days. During this time, the family will be getting a few things in order. We should be expecting a phone call by the end of the week...which I assume to be an offer.

I am still not getting my hopes up. Sigh. We have been close before, but never this close.

We have not started looking where we will go if it does sell. We have a few ideas in our head but that is about it. We do know once I graduate school (in about two and a half years), we will build. This next house will be temporary so we will not be too particular.

Changing subjects, our life has been somewhat slowed down lately, which is something that can be a good thing. We have been busy at home - constantly cleaning and keeping up with the laundry - just in case someone pops in wanting to show it. I am amazed how we can keep a clean house after all. Jeremy and I have a system down as to who cleans what when. It has worked thus far and I have so much more time in the evenings.

I am loving the menu planning. We are saving so much money already and it really is a relief to know what I am cooking that evening. I am trying to make them healthy meals, which since I can actually take time out to plan them, doesn't always mean it is grilled chicken.

I will keep you updated on the house situation.

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