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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tonight's the Night

I guess I should say this afternoon. After work, I am getting my hair cut. Probably around nine inches or so. Deep breaths! Pictures to follow!

We still have no news on the house. Waiting patiently...tick, tock. (Insert sarcastic gesture here.)

A few small random things...

I did step on the scale. I have been dieting and to my surprise, I have gotten over the plateau! I lost another 4 pounds and have 8 more to go. At this rate, I should be at my goal weight before vacation. We also changed up the vacation plans. We are going to take the girls to Gulf Shores (hopefully) in May, and then Jeremy and I will be heading out to Mexico in August if it all works out. If not, at least we get to go to the beach with the girls. I am so excited to see their reaction!

Oh!!! I almost forgot! Last night, while loading the dishwasher Macie and I had a conversation somewhat like this:

Macie: Mom, I don't believe in Santa anymore.

Me: What!?

Macie: I think the parent's get up in the middle of the night and put gifts under the tree.

Me: Who told you that nonsense! That is silly, Macie!

At this time, Macie burst into tears. She was afraid I would get upset at her or whoever told her that. (I used this to my advantage, explaining she can tell me anything, no matter what...etc.)

I ended up talking privately to her and she filled me in.

I pulled off a 'save' and hopefully we can get another few years with Santa Claus.

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