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Monday, February 11, 2008

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Winter is not going out without a bang! As of about an hour ago, we have a sheet if ice in our area of about 2 inches. Whew...should make for some good sledding later. I have been home since about 12 noon and what normally is normally a 30 minute commute took a little over an hour. Thank God everyone was driving sensibly. I was keeping up with traffic at a steady 35 miles per hour.

I have never been in an ice storm, but it was quite interesting. I had to pull over a couple times on the way home because the ice was freezing on my windshield wipers, which in turn meant they could not do their job of clearing my windhield. It was a bit frightening with the girls in the car, but we made it home safely. Jeremy is at work for another 30 minutes or so, so now he needs to get home safe too!

We had a wonderful time at the dance on Saturday. It was great to see so many people and catch up with everyone. I recommend that anyone go next year...it is well worth the money!

Have a good week!

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