"" Three Ladies and a Dad: It's about time...for snow, not fraud.

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's about time...for snow, not fraud.

I am so friggin' excited! We are supposed to be getting snow and maybe some ice. I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow morning to see what Mother Nature dumped on us overnight. I am like a little kid with snow...I bundle up and face it with excitement! Love Love Love It!!!

Saturday, on our way out the door, we get a call from the bank. They wanted to make sure we authorized five charges within ten minutes for $14.04. Ummm, nope. We are getting the money back in the bank and a new debit card is on the way. For you locals, what happened is a local business was hacked into. So, if you have used your debit card there, you are at risk too. They didn't say what business, but a lot of account holders at our bank was affected. Check your accounts online and make sure all is good!

We found a house to rent!! It is literally less than a block from MJ's school and one block from my work. Awesome! I can sleep in later now!

The news is on...gotta watch the weather. "Pretty significant storm...heavy amounts..." YEAH!


April said...

I am soooo excited too! I dont care what we get I just want winter weather RIGHT NOW!!! lol Congrats on finding a place.

Alaina said...

That's how I am! Snow...great! Ice...great! Just anything would make me happy!!

Ashley said...

Ha, I got that call too! My debit card, along w/ hubs, has been compromised. Yuck, off to check the checking account now!

Jennifer said...

Ugh I'm so over snow...lol. Enjoy yours though!!