"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Accomplishment.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Jeremy and I have done nothing but go go go today and it has been great. Even though we spent all but a few minutes at home, in our my pajamas, we got so many things done around the house.

About a week or so ago, our hot water stopped. None. We managed to get it fixed within a day. It worked fine. The next morning, no hot water. Jeremy's dad came up and fixed it, while at the the same turning it up.

Last night, I took a super hot bath. It was fabulous. Jeremy took a hot shower. Greatness. Before we left for dinner, Jeremy checked on it downstairs. Ummm, we had 1/4 inch of water in one room in the basement. Thankfully, nothing was destroyed but it meant it was too hot and the valve opened up to release some pressure.

So today, Jeremy cleaned up the basement, added a hose to the pressure valve so the water would never flow out again, and fixed the hot water once more. (Hopefully.) While he was doing that, I watched some television - The First 48 was having a marathon. After a couple of episodes, I got up to clean. All my laundry is done, including all of my "Hand Wash Only" sweaters. Beds are washed...nothing like clean sheets. I cleaned the laundry room and moved the coats back to the coat closet in the loving room. My car is cleaned. Jeremy and I went to work on the garage next. We are having a bunch of things hauled off on Saturday from there.

Accomplishment. There is no other feeling like it.


Jennifer said...

I love days like that!!!

Nancy said...

Want to work on my house next? Can't seem to do anything to the house as we are always at the barn with our four-legged kids - would love to have you bottle that energy and pass it my way!