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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maybe we are destined to love a cold, cold life.

Let me set the stage:

Once again, I am downstairs doing P90X. I did cardio, alone, while Jeremy was playing basketball. Cardio = hot and sweaty. (Or shweaty as MJ used to say.) I go upstairs, start dinner and hop in the shower...you guessed it.

No. Hot. Water. Again. And again.

Seriously. We have replaced the wiring, the heating elements, the coils?, checked the breaker...everything.

What's the prob, Bob?

It is only four years old. It's not like we have had it for years and years. We don't need to put out any more money now, especially after MJ's birthday present.

Any ideas on what it could be?


Ashley said...

Poor thing. We had to buy one about a year ago. We replaced elements a few times in it and it finally just gave out.

I agree 4 years isn't a very long life for a hot water heater, but it sure sounds like it would be easier to just go buy a new one!

Sarah said...

Oh how awful! I hope you can find out what the problem is soon! Tough to be without hot water! I was just telling my husband how we take everyday things for granted~ like having water, or flushing the toilet...etc. I couldn't imagine no hot water! I will pray that you can know the issue ASAP! Is there a warranty on it?

PS~ I love your new blog design! Super cute! Also, thanks for your sweet comment on my site, and I hope to go soon!

Jessica said...

Maybe u should call my office to get someone to fix it for you...lol Hope you get hot showers soon. I just had to buy one too and mine was only 5 yrs old.. Sucks

Jennifer said...

Oh no! That sucks!! I hope it can get fixed soon!!

April said...

Did it come with a warranty or anything? Sometimes it is just the water, its hard on them if it has alot of calcium in it and all but really I have no idea.......you should call Jessica at Dakota ;) lol