"" Three Ladies and a Dad: What's a girl to do?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's a girl to do?

Both my girlies are sick. Macie is getting over her illness fairly well and Zoa likes things to be complicated. Her flu is settling into her chest and after a quick trip to the doctor, we are treating her for bronchitis on top of the flu.

I chose not to test them for either flu, because quite frankly, the protocol for Influenza A, H1N1 and the viral flu bug is all the same. Motrin, Tylenol and keep them hydrated. The doctor agreed with me so that is that.

Whatever the girls have should be gone within a few days and as long as Zoa's cough is better and the fevers go down, we will be good for trick or treating!


What did I do today? While the girls were playing quietly, I snuck in the kitchen to whip up some food. I started with Banana Blueberry Quick Bread and boy was it good! The recipe is coming tomorrow so come and take a peek in the morning. I planned our menu for next week and have it all typed up. I also made up a bunch of brown rice for next week's meals.

I could get used to this "stay at home mom" thing!

Here is to healthy kids, good food and full freezers!


Whitney said...

Very nice! Glad the girls are doing okay.

Jennifer said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon!!!

freckleface said...

Awww, hope they are feeling better. My little boy was out of school last week.

Alicia said...

Hey there! I have been locking it down with school, but I finally got to catch up on your blog. I love those aprons, the girls will be so excited. I hope they are feeling better and that mommy does not get sick too.