"" Three Ladies and a Dad: "Hi Alaina. I am calling about Macie."

Monday, October 26, 2009

"Hi Alaina. I am calling about Macie."

How ironic, huh? I just blogged about preventing the girls from getting sick and the fever is upon us. Good thing I stocked up on soup, crackers, juice and a new Nintendo DS game during our shopping trip this weekend!

The school called today. Macie was sent home with a fever. Not too high, as I have been reading and seeing in some places, but a fever nonetheless. That and a headache. We have been unable to break it...it will go from up and down, but never break completely.

"My head hurts the most, Mom."

So I wait. Is it just the fever bug going around? Boy, I hope so but I am staying home with her and she is not getting out at all. I just want to play it safe. You know?

In the meantime, life will go on. Sick kids bring such uncertainty...will they want me all day? Cuddle? Sleep? You can never plan what you will do when you are at home with a sick child.

We shall see soon enough.


SarahHub said...

Oh, no! I'll say a prayer that it's just one of the many "other" bugs going around...

Cecilia said...

There was definitely a virus going around. We had several kids in our center who were tested for H1N1, but it was negative every time. My sons are great sick kids. They pretty much act normal. LOL. My daughter is the sleeper/cuddler. Good luck. Sick kids are never fun.

April said...

Poor girl! I hope it is just a small bug! Hope she gets better FAST!

Whitney said...

Hope she feels better SOON!