"" Three Ladies and a Dad: How we are preventing the flu (and it does not involve needles)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How we are preventing the flu (and it does not involve needles)

Thinking about my lack of posts this week, along with all of this flu talk, I thought I would share what we are doing in our home to prevent any flu bug creeping in.

I want to start this post by saying that my children do have all of their required vaccines. As far as any optional vaccine, I have chosen to opt out of it and my girls or Jeremy do not get them either.

Instead, we are eating right, taking vitamins, hand washing and getting plenty of sleep (well, except for our night-owl Zoa!). I feel that since my girls are otherwise healthy children, free from any underlying condition and they fall in the healthy weight range, there is no reason for myself, Jeremy or the girls to get either flu vaccine.

I do think that it is just a matter of time before H1N1 ends up in our house and it will come as no surpise. During my shopping trip today, I am stocking up on flu essentials...Motrin, soup, crackers and maybe even a few new movies to entertain the girls. If they end up not getting it, they would make great stocking stuffers!

I don't by any means want to start a debate on pro or anti vaccine, or offend anyone that does not feel this way. One thing I have learned about parenthood is that only you know your child the best. Each person is different and as a parent, I know that everyone does what they think is best for their child(ren).

I just thought I would jot down what I thought, not that it is extremely important. Regardless, I hope that our family (and yours) stays healthy!


Hattie said...

I feel the same way. Three out of my four boys had the swine flu and the rest of use were just fine. While your stocking up make sure to get gatorade that helped alot!!!

Suzanne said...

I agree! My little boy has all his shots, but we are opting out of the flu shot. I have plenty of gatorade on hand as well as motrin and soup. I feel like we are a healthy family and can handle this. =)