"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Stick a fork in me - I'm done.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stick a fork in me - I'm done.

Thankfully, I have a great husband. He knows the minute he hears my voice over the phone how my evening has been. His dad needed help doing a few things tonight so even though it is past bedtime, he made sure it was okay with his parent's that he brought the girls.

"Do you care if I bring the girls to give Alaina a break?", he asked his mom.

Here I am, sitting on the couch, typing away, in silence. I need of a time out.

I truly feel like being a mom is the hardest job on the planet. Things just naturally fall onto your lap. No matter how great your husband is, how involved your kids dad is involved, it all point backs to the wife. The mom.

Today was one of those days. I feel like all I said was..

"Girls, be quiet...girls, BE QUIET!... {As I am yelling.} ...please listen...clean up your room....etc."

One of those days I feel like a failure as a mom.

It is exhausting. Tiring. Emotionally depleting at times.

But it is so worth it. The rewards are so much greater than the roughest day times ten.

And the best part about it all? Tomorrow is a new day...another chance.


Jenny.Lee said...

Oh girl, I am so with you here. I feel completely exhausted with motherhood. I need a timeout.

Whitney said...

I'm sorry. Let me take the girls for a few hours. I don't mind. It will just give you a breather.

Call me.

April said...

I agree with everything you said in here! It is THE hardest job for anyone, but at the same time it is also THE most rewarding one. I know Dylan always knows when I am having one of those days too, whether it has anything to do with Kacie or just life in general.
This morning I got up and left the house, only to remember that I left about 3 things at home so I had to turn around. When I walked in Dylan was cleaning the house! I asked what he was doing and he said he was going to surprise me by the house being cleaned when I finally got home tonight at about midnight~! (with this business starting out, I leave early in the morning and dont get home til late at night or early in the morning the next day on Fridays and Saturdays) I left thinking MAN I HAVE IT GREAT!!!!! :) I hope your day is better than yesterday!!!

freckleface said...

I totally understand. I am alone, in my dad's house to boot, with three kids(9, 6, 18 months). My husband is in the military. We are moving from New Orleans to Virginia and still haven't found a house. So while my husband is in VA I am in NC with the kids. All day, every day. I never get a break. I have nobody to help and I am totally 100% stressed and on the verge of a breakdown (at times). I call my husband for support but he can only do so much. This summer has been the worst. I hope that when we find a house and can move to be with my husband it will get better. But he still is gone for sometimes a week at a time and I will not have any help.
Moms need breaks...my dad doesn't understand that and tells me "its my job" and "deal with it". It's sometimes a frustrating job, but it's worth it...or at least that is what I tell myself ;)
Hang in there, at least it sounds like you have a great support system.