"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Migraines, Bowling and Church

Monday, January 21, 2008

Migraines, Bowling and Church

I assume it is because of the dang weather that I have had headaches, including migraines since Friday evening. Usually a super hot bath will take the edge off of a migraine, but this one would not leave. I went to dinner and then bowling with a few girlfriends on Friday, and ended up having to leave early because of it. Saturday, I woke up feeling fine. The girls and I had a birthday party to go to, which was also at the bowling alley. It was a lot of fun. The girls bowled pretty good. Zoa found that kicking the ball down the alley increased her odds of actually getting the ball to the pins, if that makes sense. Macie felt fine just throwing the ball. It was very cute to watch little girls try their best to knock pins over!

Once we got home, I felt it coming back. Thank goodness it was nap time for the girls! Even though I could not fall asleep, it was nice just to have some peace and quiet. We spent a relaxing evening at home, where it was warm! We are being hit by a cold front, and Saturday evening, I think it got in the single digits!

Sunday we went to church. Macie and I are back at Sunday School. She loves Sunday school! I used to go to women's class, until the leader moved. Now that it is back with a new leader, I am excited to get back in it. We are studying the book of Proverbs. It should be interesting.

Sunday afternoon/evening, Macie and I are usually back at church for AWANA. This is a great program for children and I highly recommend it. You can click on the link, then About Us, for more information if you are curious as to what it is. But...the headache came back so I ended up with another hot bath. No AWANA this week...

Hopefully, this is not a pre-cursor as to how this week will be!

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