"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Happy Birthday Macie!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Macie!

Dear Macie,

Oh Macie! How do I even begin this letter? You are our firstborn, our 'guinea pig', our oldest. From day one, you have always had to have attention. Maybe it was because you were Momma Donna and Papa Dave's first grand baby, or Ninny and Pop's first grand baby in about 10 years. Either way, you loved and ate up everything!

Once I found out you were on your way, I was so scared. Your dad and I were just kids ourselves. Once you came, we all three grew together. You taught us responsibility like nothing we have ever experienced. You had your moments as a baby, most do. You had colic and kept us up all hours of the night. If it was any other child, I am not sure I could continue with it. But since you were mine, I wanted nothing more than to continue to be your mother.

You taught us what unconditional love for your children feels like. You tested and still test us daily. But even in those moments, through the hardest of struggles with you, I can feel nothing but love for you.

You are definitely a talker. As a phrase goes, you get it honest from your dad. While at the Magic House, I read the average four year old ask an average of 437 questions a day. I don't doubt it! There are moments I would just like silence, but then I try to remember that some people would love to have a little girl asking questions instead of silence. Nothing gets by you, Macie. You listen to everything and always ask questions. Continue to do that, it is the only way you will learn.

This year may have been the hardest for me. You started kindergarten, which is great! As your mom though, I worry. You are so sensitive and get your feelings hurt easily and I know how school can be. However, like always, you shocked me. You have handled everything that is put in front of you like a little girl should. You make me so proud!

So many things you do remind me of myself now. You cry at movies, like when Simba's dad dies in The Lion King. You are constantly on the go, but you can blame you? Your parent's are too. You have to be involved in everything, from cooking to talking to whomever I am talking to on the phone. I can't say that every day is easy, but I cannot look back on way day of your life and not think of a good memory shared with you.

I pray you grow up happy and healthy. Continue acting like a little girl. I pray you also continue to want to learn, whether it be general school things or deeper meaning things, such as God. You have helped your daddy and I grow in ways you will never be able to understand. I love you with all my heart.


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Anonymous said...

You did it again *tear* This si very sweet and by looking over her pics it just reminds me again at how much she has looked more like jeremy since she was born. Dont get me wrong, you can tell she is yours too but she definately favors her Dad!! From the way you desribe her it reminds me of Kacie! I know what you mean on the questions and silence...but weren't you a talker to once you get yourself going?! LOL Its getting you started that is sometimes the hard part, but look out when you do! Macie and Zoa are both lucky to have such great parents like you and Jeremy!!! Happy Birthday Macie!
I forgot my password!! LOL