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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Is 2008 the year?

A new year is upon us, and that means times for resolutions. Is this the year I will actually follow through? I think in the past, my resolutions have always been somewhat unrealistic. Work out everyday (not enough hours in the day to do that), lose weight to get to 'x' amount of pounds (I will never be that skinny), or always keep my house clean (once again, not enough hours). This year I have made two resolutions. I am only going to post about one because the other one is somewhat a cliche resolution, if that makes sense. But this is one of the most important ones and will make me feel better overall.

1. Become more organized. Our home appears somewhat clean if you were to just take a glance inside. But if you really start digging, the closets are unbearable and we have too much clutter. I do not like to throw things away, except if I am in one of those moods and then I start pitching without regret. Do I really need a size 3-6 months white onesie from Wal-Mart with formula stains on it? Really? Nope...in the trash it goes. My goal is to go through the entire house, one cabinet, drawer, room, etc. at a time and do this. I like to keep quite of bit of the girls' drawings, homework, and crafts for later on. I plan on keeping this, but I need to come up with a system for it.

I have started with the toy room. You can ask anyone who has been to my house, this is the root of our home's evil. We bought about 10 clear storage containers. I then printed out pictures of the toys that belong in there - baby dolls, kitchen stuff, dress-up clothes, electronic toys, etc. - which will help the girls be able to identify what goes where. So far, the system has proved that it will work, with a little more learning on their part.

So, there it is. I hope that the organization comes easy and not too time consuming, and I hope it stays.

Happy New Year! What's your resolution?

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Whitney said...

You need to take pictures so we can see :)

Or maybe I just need to come see it..