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Monday, October 29, 2007

For your viewing pleasure...

This is a small video of Zoa. We were sitting on the couch reading and Zoa wanted to count. (Be sure and listen at the very end!) Got to love my phone for fast pictures and videos because I love this!

Other than that, there is nothing too exciting going on in our home. We are in the process of re-doing the girls' room, which means steam cleaning, painting, and closet cleaning. Until we build, they are sharing a room since the other bedroom is filled with toys. After this, our next project is to clean that out to to make room for the holidays and birthdays. I will post pictures in a week of before and afters.

Oh! Beware...the stomache flu is going around. Yuck! Zoa had it last week and Macie is complaing a a tummy ache now. Good news is it doesn't last for long...however Macie always goes above and beyond. Last time she had the flu, we spent the weekend in a hospital room with her on IV's because she was so dehydrated. Hopefully, that won't happen again.

Have a good Monday!

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