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Saturday, January 2, 2010

change is fun.

Usually Jeremy and I skip doing Christmas with each other. You can tell we are the old married couple because we just get something for the house. We have always been completely fine with that but this year we changed things up a bit.

A while back, I e-mailed Jeremy my "Merry Christmas to Me" list. (Inexpensive) diamonds were the only thing on it. I included the link and everything. Simple, no?

On the 23rd, Jeremy called me. "I lost that email, babe. Can you re-send it to me?"

I replied..."Are you flipping kidding me? It is two days before Christmas!"

I left it at that and resent the dang email.

Fast forward to Christmas morning...

I was so excited to pass Jeremy's presents on to him...he wanted clothes actually. He got two pairs of BKE jeans...one pair from me and one from the girls...

A pair of shoes from the girls...
And a pair of khakis...
He was very happy!

Then he pulled out my presents. I really was not expecting much...the only reason I spent what I did on him is I got an unexpected bonus. I would have been happy with anything to be honest. But this year, he really outdid himself... he bought a new lens for my camera!

On top of the fact he surprised me and I had no idea...this is the one that I actually wanted! It is Nikon brand and the one we could afford at the moment. Yayay!

The girls got me something that is priceless on a bad day...

A stress-relief massage and a mani and pedi. Can I just breathe a big sigh of relief? This will be heaven.

Needless to say, it was fun to unwrap presents. As much as we try to stress that Christmas is not about presents, it is exciting to receive gifts.

Honestly though, next year we will probably just get something for the house.

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April said...


We always do the same thing as far as Christmas for each other and for some reason this year we changed things up too!! lol