"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Turn Around

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Turn Around

Last week was a crappy week. The weekend started off on the same level, but much more intense.

Jeremy and I rarely argue, but when we do, it's a dandy. And Friday night was our semi-annual argument. But all is good now...we layed it all out on the table and moved on.

Then the week started and it has been the complete opposite...

  • Saturday I went to the winery. I had a blast!
  • Sunday I went shopping...alone! Who cares it that means Jeremy waited in the car with the girls while I ran in real quick?
  • Monday I found out that my test grade in Microbiology was actually a 96% instead of a 95%. Even though it is only one percentage point, I was still excited!
  • Tuesday I found out that I won four tickets to the circus, compliments of Sarah, who I met here. I have been following her blog ever since. Thanks again Sarah!
  • Halloween costumes are ordered and pictures are soon to follow.
Hopefully, this good streak will continue!

Way off subject, this weekend, I want to shampoo my carpets. Has anyone ever rented a Rug Doctor? How well did it work? Any suggestions other then a Rug Doctor?


Hattie said...

Hope you keep up w/ your lucky streak! The Rug Dr. works fairly well, but it takes the carpet a long time to dry. Make sure to use super hot water, that seems to help! If you have the $$$ to me it was worth buying a carpet cleaner of my own from wally world. I use it once a month, but then again I have 4 boys!!!

April said...

I will never get a rug doctor again. After I got to thinking about other ppl cleaning up their messes in their home and not knowing how they lived, really grossed me out. We went and bought one. (after I borrowed Teishas a couple times LOL) I have one if you would like to borrow it. It is really easy to use and the carpets dry pretty quick! We have only usd it once, or twice.
I know what you mean about your and Jeremy. Dylan and I are the same way. I think it is good to get it all out every once in a while though!! (plus it is better than bickering all the time over little things)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Hope your good LUCK continues!!! I love good weeks where you feel all good on the inside. I am anxoius to see Halloween costumes

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Last week seemed to have been a crappy week for quite a few people, me included! :) Sounds like your week this week is going great - here's hoping the good week vibes continue for a while! :)