"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Am I a fool in the kitchen?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Am I a fool in the kitchen?

The last few days I have been in a baking mood. This is the first year that I have started baking and my attempts have not been complete successes.

Exhibit A:
I have been trying to incorporate more whole wheat flour in our foods that require flour. I can do breads and pasta, but sweets just are not the same.

I made a huge batch of cinnamon rolls. It was a long process, letting the dough rise and then punch it back down...only to let it rise again. Flour is a necessity when rolling out dough so the kitchen was a mess too.

Two hours later, once they were done, I could definitely tell I used all whole wheat. Hindsight is always 20/20 and knowing past experiences with whole wheat, I should have used about half white and half wheat flour.

But cooking is a learning experience and figuring out what works for you is part of it. So I will know next time.

Exhibit B:
I did use the method of a little bit of both kinds of flour with these waffles and they are approved by all in the house (except Jeremy - he has egg white omelets). I used one cup of regular flour and three-quarters of a cup of whole wheat flour. They are yummy and I have about 10 breakfasts in the freezer for the girls to eat before school. Whew!

Tonight I made a huge batch of blueberry muffins and after the cinnamon roll, I chose to just make them taste good. Healthy or not, I felt like baking!

I made three dozen and MJ and Zoa love them!

Tonight, I am going to order a Christmas gifts for the girls. It will be my first buy from Etsy and is useful in the kitchen for my little bakers. I will post pictures when it comes in.

Happy Friday!


Angie said...

I cannot go 100% whole wheat. So, I do about 30-50% whole wheat, never more.

Or I just toss in some wheat germ or oat bran -I figure that makes it healthier and you can't taste it!

SarahHub said...

If I add whole wheat flour, I always do 50/50. Usually turns out great! Baking takes a lot of practice, so you're well on your way!

Whitney said...

The muffins were FABULOUS! We loved them :)

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the 100% whole wheat. Sometimes, it's a bit much. I usually use 1/2 and 1/2. When making baked goods I try to use whole wheat pastry flour. Still whole wheat, but its' ground finer so it gives better texture. Downfall is that it's expensive.