"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Thirty free SwagBucks!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thirty free SwagBucks!

I have told you all about SwagBucks before. It is a simple search engine that randomly gives you SwagBucks, just for your everyday internet searches, which in turn you can cash in and receive gift cards, merchandise or cash. (Today, I actually just cashed in SwagBucks I have earned for $5.00 PayPal cash...I need some some new jeans!)

SwagBucks just released a new toolbar and as a promotion, during the month of September, they will release a SwagCode which will show up as a message on your toolbar. You will get a new code each day and each one is worth 1 buck.

This code is only available through the toolbar.

The point is:

This is a great way time to join and an easy way to gain 30 SwagBucks! In addition to your normal searching, you could easily have enough bucks to get a $5.00 Amazon gift card (45 points), $5.00 PayPal cash (70 Bucks) or another item you see in the SwagStore!

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