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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It seems just moments ago I was a senior in high school. At the same time it feels like it was forever ago.

Yesterday. I was driving in my car, alone, thinking when did I get my license? Seriously. How did I get here? Was it not just a few years ago I was playing with babies? And now...now I have babies.

I still can't believe it. I know to some of you it might sound odd but in my life it just happened so fast. Met Jeremy. Became friends. {Finally} started to date. Fell in love. Had babies. Two of them. Got married.

It happened so quickly. But back then, it felt like it took forever.

And now, my girls are growing up. Zoa will start kindergarten next year. Yes, we plan to have more. But these two girls, Macie and Zoa, are my babies. We grew up together. They have done more to my life than anyone will ever know. And not just normal mom stuff, but literally, Macie was with me during some of the darkest times in my life. It's crazy to think how far we have all come.

But, as the saying goes, we are enjoying the ride.

Does anyone else just look at their life and wonder what happened to the time?


Teisha said...

I do look back on time all the time. I wish time wouldn't have got away from us so fast we would have had this child several years ago.Now I find myself feeling guilty for not giving Dalton a sibling closer in age.:( In a way I feel like I got stuck in a rut of the same thing day in & day out. It's sad.

Whitney said...

I don't even have babies yet, but I feel like this. I'm always like "I'm not old enough yet to be married.. I'm still a kid!" but then realize I'm in my 20's.

Like you said... just enjoy the ride!

Alicia said...

Well Whitney pretty much described how I feel exactly. Also, when I think about children, I long for them, but at the same time I ask myself "Am I grown up enough for that?" So strange how it easy it is to be in conflict with yourself.