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Monday, June 8, 2009

Single mom here...

Well, well, well. This past weekend was super relaxing. We spent the weekend playing outside, painting some fingernails, swam, laid out, did a little shopping and relaxed with some books we got from the library. It was very low-key between the girls and I...just the way I like it.

Jeremy got home just in time for Macie's 2nd t-ball game. She did great and I have to show you some pictures. They are perfect!

This week is super busy..we have an Aerosmith concert to go to. I also have class and a little home party to go to. I also have some homework and some studying for a test that has to get done. I live for the weekends!

Come the weekend, Jeremy is once again out of town, only this time it is for a bachelor party. He leaves on Friday and will be home on Sunday. I get so bored without him home! Oh well, we will survive.

That's all for now...I hope you all have a great week!

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Alicia said...

Hope you had fun at the concert! Give us a call when you are in town this weekend. I know we have 2 weddings, but I am hoping we can meet up with you all at some point!!!