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Sunday, July 12, 2009

July Check In

{Better late than never}

June has come and gone...and I survived! Jeremy was out of town a total of three weekends this month. I was out of town with him one weekend- which was so needed.
I am thinking about doing a Two or Three Week No-Spending Experiment and will decide for sure once I talk to Jeremy. It's a possibility though. I'll let you know!

Here's our updated list...

1. $1,000 to start an Emergency Fund
This has always been in place...we just have to use it instead of a credit card for emergencies.
2. Pay off all debt using the Debt Snowball. Our goal is to have everything but the student loan, car and land paid off my the end of the year.
  • Doctor bill - Paid off in May 2009!
  • Doctor bill - Made large payment.
  • Credit card - Paid off in June 2009!
  • Credit card - Paid off in June 2009!
  • Credit card - Paid off in June 2009!
  • Doctor bill - Paid off in June 2009!
  • Student loan
  • My car
  • Land
No, we did not get a large sum of money inherited to us...we switched money around and paid everything off. We are now going to re-fund the account from which that money came from. We are shooting for that to be done around income tax time/February of 2010, and what is not refunded, will be with the money from taxes. Such a relief! We don't have those little bitty bills floating around anymore.

"Get in Total Attack Mode. All you have to do is execute, execute, execute now. If your friends that are broke aren’t making fun of you, then you are not on track. If your family says, “Look, they’ve joined a cult!”
then you are right on track.
— Dave Ramsey, from his syndicated radio program

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Hattie said...

That is sooooo great that yall paid off all those! I want to get started on the Dave Ramsey plan, too!!!

Lyryn said...

Wow! That is so good. You're almost there!!! How exciting! Great job!

zjovery said...

Great work paying off all those credit cards! Way to go!!! Good luck with your financial goals.

Anonymous said...

Great Job!

Doesn't it feel so great to not get so many bills in the mail?

Here's to a great July,


Whitney said...

That is great! You should be very proud. Good luck with your remaining goals.

Jessica Morris said...

Great job!! Paying off those little bills feels SO good, eh?! Congrats :) And best of luck refilling the account the money came from :)