"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Twenty-five.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


1. That's how old I am.
2. I heavily salt everything, but I have excellent blood pressure.
3. I'd rather talk on the phone than text.
4. I love to cook.
5. It's hard to remember to eat throughout the day...I don't really get hungry.
6. I love coffee with hazelnut creamer.
7. I have dark circles under my eyes and it drives me nuts!
8. I can type really fast but I peck...I need to learn the right way to type.
9. I have really been trying to persuade Jeremy to turn the TV off for one week. He resists.
10. My gut feeling about people are 99% accurate.
11. I do not believe in horoscopes, but I read them just because.
12. I constantly think of ways we can save more money.
13. I find coupons in the most random places in my house. "That's where it is!"
14. I am letting my hair grow back out...I am a long hair kind of girl.
15. I think I have an addiction to the internet...just five more minutes.
16. I am not a morning person. Never. Ever.
17. I am intrigued by the human mind.
18. Many of my post are scheduled posts. (Including this one.)
19. I love to buy the girls new clothes and have them try it all on so I can see how dang cute it is!
20. Starting next week, I will be part of a multi-blog feature. Stay tuned!
21. I really want a Boxer dog.
22. I have a lot of respect and admiration for Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8.
23. Guilty pleasure...Disney channel. Without the girls.
24. I hang everything up to dry.
25. Macie and I are usually the ones asleep early...Jer and Zoa can hang out all night long.

I played along with some friends by doing this...let me know if you do!


April said...

I know exactly what you mean about dark circles under the eyes, drives me nuts!! Also, Dylan is highly addicted to the darn TV too. I always tell him it must be nice to be able to come home and just sit down to watch the TV, even though he does help other times! Do you literally hang up everything to dry or just most stuff and why? (if you dont mind me asking)

Alaina said...

I hang anything we wear outside. PJ's and old shirts I don't hang. I dry towels and my jeans so they shrink. Everything else, gets hung up.

1. It makes my clothes last longer...girls can wear them longer.
2. It really is easier to do laundry...I don't have hang it up after it gets out of the laundry.
3. It's better for the environment...less power and cheaper bills!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I wish I could forget to eat during the day....I am starving by 11 and dont know how to change that!

Anonymous said...

You hang "everything" up to dry?
How time consuming but I know it's best for fabrics. I'm impressed!

Whitney said...

I did it!

SarahHub said...

I love seeing my daughter dressed in her new clothes, too! And I love the Disney channel...

Cute list!

April said...

So what made you want to become a nurse, I thought you wanted to become a child psychologist?