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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This evening:

3:35 - Get off work.
3:45 - Pick up Zoa from pre-school.
3:55 - Get Macie from Grandma's.
4:15 - Arrive at Hobby Lobby.
4:17 - Start looking at Christmas trees. (Marked down to 50% off.)
4:18 - Find the tree.
4:21 - Realize I forgot my phone in my car. Headed to get it.
4:22 - Call Jeremy to get the okay to purchase it. Realize that he has the money with him.
4:23 - Wow...they have really cute ornaments too.
4:41 - Load the girls up in the car to meet Jeremy to get some moo-lah.
5:15 - Get back to Hobby Lobby with dough in hand. Start looking at Christmas decorations.
6:15 - Proceed to check out with decor and tree. No problem!
6:21 - Gentleman helps me load the tree in my car. Uh-oh.
6:40 - Realize the tree will not fit. Call back-up. (Thanks dad!)
6:41 - Head off. Grab some dinner at a drive through and get some gas.
7:15 - Dad drops tree off. Start to set up.
8:45 - Tree is done. Cannot figure out the lights. A nine foot tree means there are a lot of cords.
8:46 - Marvel at the tree. Dang, it looks good! I do need more ornaments though.
9:00 - Set up Christmas stuff and clear off some old things. Decorate kitchen table.
9:36 - Start to pick up. Someone is coming to look at the house tomorrow.
10:05 - Oops! The girls need a bath. "Girls! Bathtime!".
10:17 - Sit for a few. Really want a glass of wine but I need to go to bed. "Ohh! I'll check my e-mail and blog real fast!."
10:43 - Done blogging. Off to bed.

Pictures soon!


Whitney said...

I still haven't got the Christmas tree picture! Can't wait to see it though.

I miss the blogging world right now. I can't wait for the new charger battery to come in. I have over 400 new posts to catch up on. Wowerz!

Love you

Jennifer said...

Check out my blog I left you something ; )