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Friday, December 12, 2008

Parents Architecture ABCs: A Review

I know everyone has heard and read about the toys made by Parents. They never fail to make great quality toys at a reasonable price. They are also super safe and 100% phthalate free!

I recently have had the opportunity to review the Architecture ABCs blocks made by Parents. My girls are bit too old for blocks, but they had a great time building arches with all the pieces. The difference between these blocks and the traditional wooden blocks are that these are squishy, soft, and flexible. (Think chewable for babies!) They are easily squeezable and I wouldn't think they would cause any bumps or bruises. (Something our family knows all about!) When squeezed, they also let put a squeak that will entertain your baby. On each block is a letter and an animal that corresponds to the letter - "C" has a cow on it, "L" has a lobster, and "F" has a fly on it. All 26 pieces can be grasped easily by little hands and fingers.

As soon as I opened and reviewed this product, I knew exactly who would love it. After shopping at Target, it is now under the tree for our nephew. It is something that can grow with him with the different shapes, animals and letters. I have no doubt he will love it.

Gotta Have It? Parents Architecture ABCs are recommended for children 6+ months and are available at Target for $19.99.

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