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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Husband: The Dork

A little back story to the picture you are about to see:

Whitney just got married about a month ago. The photographer wanted everyone to look at Adam and Whitney while they kissed. The guy in the back next to the groom is the groom's brother, Aaron. Aaron and I could only see the back of their heads because of where we were standing. So before the picture, we were all laughing. I leaned in to be able to see them. But look at Jeremy's face...the guy - my lovely husband - at the far right. He is looking at them like he has never seen anyone kiss before. I love it! I laugh every time I see it.

Whitney, I will
take a 16 x 24 of this picture, please.


April said...

When I saw this pic for the very first time on the website I cracked up too! It was the first thing that I saw. Me and Jodi just laughed and laughed at that!!!

Sarah said...

That is a hoot! Yes, that is one to go in the frame! :)

Curious Cousin said...

I love that pic!!It is the funniest thing ever. I'll take a wallet size!! HAHA

Tara said...

Yeah i want a wallet too....only jer would look at them like that!!