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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If anyone is random, you're looking at her!

I've been tagged by Kara. So...here are Seven Random Facts about me.

1. (Taken from April, but not really.) I only write with black ink. Not too sure why, but I do.

2. I cannot truly relax until I know that my house is in order. Please know that my house is never orderly so therefore I do not relax. Last time Jeremy and I watched television together? Hmmm, about three weeks ago. (Insert sarcastic comment here: I know...he is so lucky to have me. )

3. The girls usually end up in our room at night. Jeremy and I are both paranoid Jeremy was paranoid and got me all paranoid about someone breaking into our house. So, they sleep on a comfy pallet beside our bed.
...With our bedroom door locked.
...And the front door and back door locked.
...And a chair in front of the front door.
...And a chair in front of the back door.
...And the garage door locked. (Yes, you can lock a garage door.)
...And a lock for the sliding door to the deck.

4. You know that saying about sisters? Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there. ~Amy Li
It is so true and I feel these last few months have verified that.

5. I hate being late. But, I am always late. But wait! It's not my fault. For example, Sunday mornings I wake up and take a shower for church. Everyone else is still sleeping. I wake Jeremy up while I am getting ready. He takes a shower. I am ready by this time and get the girls ready. He then finishes getting dressed and gels his hair. The girls and I are in the car before he is even finished. Did you understand that? I get myself and two girls ready before a grown man can get ready. TURN ESPN OFF!

6. I really want to take a photography class. I want to learn more about taking great shots, lighting and all that jazz. I just think it's all so fun.

7. I am currently obsessed with Abercrombie Kids. Their je
ans are still way too big but their shirts fit Macie now! Do you know how exciting that it!? But, I refuse to pay full price for it. I would never pay $50 for a shirt for a 6 year old. That's just...well...you know. CrAzY!

Off to do some more of this!

Have a good night everyone and thanks Kara for tagging me.
It was fun!


Anonymous said...

We are alot alike. #3 totally paranoid too. #5 I can totally get myself ready and two kids and be waiting for my husband in order to take him to work. #6 I am always looking for a photography class. I want to learn more so bad.

April said...

Ok, I just have to tell you that Kacie sleeps in a comfoy pallet right next to our bed too! It drives me nuts in some sense but at the same time I feel better. We make her go to bed before we do obviously but we dont want her to get used to that idea. And as far as the ESPN thing and getting ready...I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!!!! I dont understand how it is possible but men have a way of doing it. He can watch it all day long and if you ever sit down and watch with them, it is the same stuff at times over and over but he still has to watch it. I try to tell him you can catch it on Sportscenter when it comes on again in 2 hours but it dont matter. haha