"" Three Ladies and a Dad: How Do I....? (Part 2)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How Do I....? (Part 2)

TwoCentsSurvey is another company that pays you to take survey. You receive e-mails and see if you qualify for the survey . If you do, they will pay you between $1-$5 each time. Once you earn $10.00, you may request a check. You can sign up for TwoCentsSurvey here.

Inbox Dollars works in a similar way to all the other survey companies. You can take surveys, play games and do quite a few other things. Be sure to read the fine print on all the offers. To be safe on this site, I just participate in the surveys. Once you acquire $30 in your account, you may request a check. You can sign up for Inbox Dollars here. If you like, you can use my email address - threeladiesandadad(at)yahoo(dot)com - as the referral address.

Team Mom is a product review company. They are looking for moms, (obviously) who are regular bloggers, meaning you blog on a pretty consistent schedule. If I remember correctly, they may want to know your statistics, as in how many visitors you get each day. They send out products about once a month and your job is to honestly review them. You may find more information out about Team Mom here.

So, that is the basics of some companies I am familiar with enough to recommend. Please, research the company yourselves before joining. It may be something you dislike, but I like.

I hope this helps!

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The Hunter's Wife said...

Cute site! I think I signed up with a survey company once and it wasn't worth it. But I hear others recommend doing them.

Thanks for entering my contest.