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Monday, September 22, 2008

How you doin'?

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I must confess. I have Bloggers Block. As I listen to Zoa playing with her daddy, I try and try to think of something to write. I heart doing giveaways and contests and coupons and all that but that is not the reason why I started this blog.

Then again, I guess it could be a good thing that nothing too drastic is going on with my children that causes me to write something everyday. Or maybe there is and I am taking it for granted. Just the everyday things...

Who knows?!

My goals for the week? I know you are just dying to know. Besides staring at my computer screen thinking of something to write, I do have a home that needs to be clean. Surprisingly enough, my laundry is caught up. We will have two extra little bodies here on Friday (It's our turn to watch kids' for date night.) We have two birthday parties on Saturday and get this...they are both for boys named Brock. Ironic, right? I thought so.

We got invited for a Pre-Opening Community Dinner on Saturday night at a restaurant opening near us. (Locals - think N. Kingshighway) Dinner is provided free of charge and I have two free movie tickets from a long time ago so can you say "Free Date Night"? Hey! We are not cheap, just broke right now!

So, that's that. I lead an exciting and fulfilling life. I know.

I am thinking of hosting a Blogger's Block party! Who's in?

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