"" Three Ladies and a Dad: What should I do with all these coupons?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What should I do with all these coupons?

Now that most of you see the advantage of clipping those coupons, you are probably wondering how you should organize them. There are a few different options:

You can do the easiest and most simple method by organizing them in an accordion folder. You would need to divide them in different sections. Some people choose stores, expiration dates, items...whatever works best for you. I find dividing them by items works best for me. This is great if you get one or two newspapers a week. Any more than that, it might start busting at the seams. I also found one on clearance at Walgreen's that was longer. This was especially helpful when it came to internet coupons. Most of those are larger than your ordinary newspaper coupon and the longer folders accommodate them better. I also think this method is great if you like to carry it with you in your purse. I like to check out clearance isles and match up any coupons. This is an easy and compact way of making it simple.

Another method of organizing them is by a baseball card binder. This is something I have personally not done but I can see how it would be helpful. You simply cut all the coupons out and store them in each little slot. You can buy a ring to connect the right corner of each sheet for easy reference. I think this would be a good idea for something you has the time to clip all of the coupons and wants to be able to see everything at a quick glance. You would still want to separate them out into categories for a quicker way of looking to see if you have a particular coupons. Depending if you like big purses or not, this might not fit in your purse. It would be very helpful if there was a smaller versions of this to make it more portable.

If you happen to get a lot of inserts a week, this next method is great for that. Purchase sheet protectors and put all of your inserts for the week into one. Then label it with which insert and the date (RedPlum 8/17) You can go to this website and see where the coupon was that you need. You can then buy a little clip to attach them all at the left corner.

I plan on doing a combination of two: the accordion file and the sheet protectors. I really like the file because it is so convenient. But I get way too many coupons and mine will not hold them all. Plus, I don't want to spend an entire Sunday afternoon clipping coupons. Seriously, I have between 5-14 inserts per week. I plan on clipping one newspaper's inserts and filing those in the accordion file and filing the extra in the sheet protectors. This way, I can have the best of both.

There are a lot of different products out there for purchase so if you feel like these would not work for you, just look around. I hope this helps a few people out there. Let me know if you have a different system that works for you!

(April mentioned something about keeping the coupons together that you plan on using on your trip. I used to keep them in the front of the accordion folder where I can see it. I then started keeping all of my coupons for free items there. That way I can always pick it up whenever I go. What I do now is make my list on an envelope and put all the coupons in that. It seems to work great. Thanks for reminding me April!)


April said...

All of these seem like great ideas!!! I personally use the accordian file, it seems to work the best for me. I just seperate mine by grocery, hygiene, household and etc and then when I am ready to go do my shopping I make my list of things that I need and put that coupon in the front pocket of my file and I also mark a 'c' beside that item on my list so that I can make sure that if I was to buy my normal bland that it wouldnt be cheaper, because of course sometimes you might have a coupong but in a different brand than you sometimes buy which isnt always cheaper even with the coupon. (man that was a mouthful, sorry about that ha) I find that this way when I go to the grocery store, all the coupons that I plan on using are all together and I can just hand them to the cashier at the end BUT I still take in my file just in case I see another item that I have a coupon for but just forgot to list!! Organization is really the key to coupons and saving. I enjoy reading your post about all this different stuff!!

Ashley said...

FYI....Target, aka the greatest store in the world(until you try to return something), has coupon organizers in their dollar section. Also, they have some $1 stuff 75% off and there are some "check files", which look like long coupon organizers in there. You better act fast if you need some.