"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Tell me what I need!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tell me what I need!

While making my blogsosphere rounds this morning, I stumble don this little game. Go to Google and type your name in with the word needs (Alaina needs). Then post the top ten things you 'need'.
Here we go:

Alaina needs special connections. (Really? I am too tired for special connections.)
Alaina needs to win American Idol. (I don't think that will happen with this voice. Just ask Jeremy.)
Alaina needs to go to sleep. (Finally! They got one right!)
Alaina needs a dress-up box. (See number 1.)
Alaina needs around-the-clock in home nursing care. (Would a wife work? I could use one of those.)
Alaina needs to come back. (Come back from where?)
Alaina needs to eat a sandwich. (Turkey, please.)
Alaina needs nurturing. (Umm, okay.)
Alaina needs to be extraordinary again. (I'm telling you. A wife would fix everything.)
Alaina needs to keep her mouth shut. (Perfect, it's my last one.)

You're tagged if you read this...let me know if you post it by leaving a comment.


April said...

Ok, I did it! I'm not so sure on this but.......ha

Alicia said...

I did it too, interesting responses. Enjoy and have a good weekend!