"" Three Ladies and a Dad: One minute short from a 911 call.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

One minute short from a 911 call.

Here I am blogging, minding myself while Jeremy is napping and the girls are playing. Macie comes in, "I can't find Zoa". I told her just a minute. I just heard Zoa and knew she was fine.

I get up, start doing the normal mom yell...ZOOOOAAAAA.

Nothing but eery silence.

I start looking in all the rooms.


Start looking in closets, under beds, behind doors.

Nothing. I am starting to freak out a little.

I go outside and look in the front yard, while Macie checks out the back yard.

Nothing. No Zoa.

I wake up Jeremy and he repeats everything while I go back outside.


My heart is pounding. I check in with Jeremy, still no Zoa. I then make my way down the street, cell phone in hand. I just knew she went outside and somebody took her. I am thinking I need to call the 911. Seriously, people. Those minutes we are experiencing feels like forever. You have to realize this. To get some validation, I call no one other then my parents. No answer.

I make my way up back to the house to get my car. I can cover more ground quicker this way. Tears were going to start flowing in the next few minutes. Panic is starting to set it. Oh my gosh. This cannot be happening to me. To us.

Jeremy then opens the door and says he found her.


Want to know where she was?

"I was hidin'".

After that, we had a little chat. We mentioned if you are playing hide and seek, you have to tell someone. She heard us all along, yelling for her. We were not calm about yelling. She knew. I have never wanted to kiss and hug someone as much as I wanted to sit them in time out.

I think we might go get ice cream to celebrate finding her.


Whitney said...

Totally something that I can see her doing!! MY heart was even racing!

Curious Cousin said...

oh my gosh! ZOA ZOA ZOA! I would be freakin out and would have had a missing amber alert out!

Ashley said...

Haha, this brings back memories. I did the same thing when I was little!

April said...

This is funny (after teh fact) I would have been freakin out too!!! Just thank goodness she was ok.

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

It always ends up to be something of that sort.....She would win at any hide-n-seek game for sure!

Living Balanced said...

How scary! When my son was 3 he woke up early in the morning while I was in the shower and he went in the front yard looking for me and he was in a daze. Luckily two very nice ladies on their way to work brought him inside and called out to me. I came in the living room and was upset and relieved at the same time, only I didn't know he was gone until he was back.