"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Free Fim Developing at Walgreens!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Free Fim Developing at Walgreens!

If you have looked at the Walgreen's ad for this week, you may have noticed a coupon for 1 free roll of film developing on Wednesday, August 6. This is for one roll only, either an actual 35 mm roll or a disposable camera. It includes one set of 4 x 6 and the negatives.

I will be taking advantage of this deal, as will any family members that I can get to go for me. (It says one per order, but may be one per customer.) While cleaning our drawers every now and then, I have found quite a few disposable cameras. We also used a couple of these on vacations the last two years for the waterproof ability of them. It will be fun to see what is on all of the ones I have!

Click here to print your coupon and I hope you have fun looking through old photos!

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Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Thanks so much...I have an old camera in my car right now that I need developed!!! It will be a suprise b/c we have no idea what is on it. I was wondering...where do you get all your coupons from?