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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Start them out early!

Wholesome Toddler Foods is a website I came across that has some great tips, tricks and ideas for getting your child to eat the foods they need, along with coloring pages, teaching concepts and worksheets. I found some fun recipes that the girls can help me with as well! Jeremy and I are fortunate to have good eaters (example below) but I will be using the website for new ideas.

Now for the example:

Monday night, Jeremy and I were meeting with a Life Insurance agent and they girls were watching television in the living room. They both come in the kitchen, telling us that they are hungry. I start offering them things, yogurt, popcorn, etc. etc.

Macie looks up at me and asks if she can just have a bowl of green beans. Zoa chimes in that she wants some as well.

I can't complain!

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Sarah said...

Green beans please?...wow that's awesome! I hope my kids do that! :-)

Thanks for sharing that link!