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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Savin' Some Money

I have had a lot of good deals lately. Walgreen's has been my 'must go to' store lately for free stuff. If you don't know, Walgreen's has their weekly ad, right? If you see a coupon in it, you can also combine a Manufacturer's coupon for free or really cheap stuff. That is what my trip included last night. No printable coupon, but all my coupons from the inserts from the paper. ($64.96 total down to $13.42 after rebates, sales, and coupons!) I am starting to save a lot more money, but each time I see the bill at $50+, I get nervous I went over budget. In the end it always works out. I still am shocked how much I save.

There are a few new coupons out there, sorry if I have posted. I just wasn't sure if it was anything anyone was interested in them anymore. I get around fifty hits a day, but maybe a few comments a week. Tell me what you want to hear people!!

And on top of that, it has been go..go..go. I have not even went shopping for this week's menu yet. Needless to say, I am sure we will have a whole repeat for next week.

Here's one popular coupon to hold you over for a while! This is a new link so if you have already printed them, try this link as well.

Save $2.00 on Johnson and Johnson
...more Bath Buddies!

Here's a little teaser about what I will posting about this evening: Like Mother, Like Daughter

What are you thinking?


Curious Cousin said...

Ok, i want more coupons than the bath buddies! Is that a product I can use? Do I have kids... come on put some coupons on here for a free mental exam at the hospital, something I can use!!! haha No I have become a coupon junkie and love it. I am addicted to finding new coupons and deals!

Ashley said...

Do you have your girls cutting coupons?