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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Remember when I lost my mind? Ever since that day, Macie has been wanting to cut her hair off. I have been resisting - I have always been a girl that likes long hair. I then compromised and told her we could cut it before first grade. (Which is one month away...oh my!)

Yesterday, she took the plunge. After a few tears, "because it was her first short haircut", Cortney cut eight and half inches off of my baby's hair.



After: It's a little girl's swing cut!

Macie and I talked about it, and she wanted to donate her hair, "like mommy". I chose Pantene's Beautiful Lengths this time. But then, today (of all days), I got this in the mail.

It was my certificate from when I donated my hair to Children with Hairloss (Here is more information if you are interested in donating your hair. It's really not that bad - I've done it three times.)

Maybe God was trying to tell us something, so we listened and decided she should send her hair to this organization.

Macie filled out the form, sealed it in a bag...

...stuck it in an envelope...

...and it is going in the mail tomorrow.

I am so very proud of her. "My hair is going to make a little girl happy, right?"

And Zoa. Wow! During the pictures, she wanted to take some. Here are her skills:

She must really like her legs!

This is actually really good. She had the classic, 'hold your arm out to take a picture of yourself' pose. I am not sure who she gets it from. Hmmm....

Alright, that post took a really long time. Jeremy is getting impatient.

Good night chickadees!


Jacki said...

Very cute! It wears well on her. I personally do not have the courage to cut off my hair yet.

Whitney said...

I absolutely love it! Very "Macie". And Zoa.. yes, you should see the masterpieces on my camera from her :)

Curious Cousin said...

They are both adorable!! Love the new style, and I love how talented Zoa is!!

Curious Cousin said...

Love it!!

April said...

Very cute on her. Zoa looks alot like you and I love that pic of her. Ashley Lynn wants me to cut Kacies hair and donate it but I am not ready yet.......hers is REALLY long and thick, but the day will come one day. I really like Macies hair though, she looks cute. Did she pick out the style?

Alaina said...

April...we got the idea from another girl's hair we saw and Macie and I both loved it.:)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Love the Hair...looks great on her for sure!!! What a sweetheart to want to donate it also :) P.S.- I can't live without your coupons!!!!

Jessica said...

So Cute. I want to cut Livias too but she is not ready. So I guess I will have to wait till she is.

Sarah said...

Awww! That's so sweet! I don't know how I will ever let my little girl get her hair cut! I'm sure I will give in eventually...especially if it's for a good cause too.