"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Ready, Set, Stage!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ready, Set, Stage!

This weekend holds a lot of organization. (If this dang headache will go away!) I want to clean out the closets, including our hall closet. It is the one for all our linens, bath towels, and whatever else we have that does not have an official home. Looks like my night is planned out for me!

Saturday, we are having a stager/interior decorator come take a peek at our house. We are not sure sure what we are doing wrong. Everything is non-cluttery (is that a word?) in our house. Hopefully, she will give us some insight on what to do to make our house more appealing to the eye.

That evening, we will be heading over to our friends' house, Adam and Desera. Adam and Jeremy have been friends for years, and it just so happen Desera and I clicked very well too. They used to be neighbors of ours so we don't see them as often as we like, but when we get together, we make up for lost time. The kids play and the grown-ups do their thing, (and I get to hold Broderick for hours) so everyone is happy.

Something else I wanted to mention, please take a look at the right side of my blog. Good Search is a search engine that let's you pick an organization that can benefit from you using their website. Go look at it, it's pretty neat. It is powered from Yahoo so it is a good search engine. And if you don't have a foundation or charity you would like to help, use the one listed below the icon.

Other than that, nothing exciting when on this week. I started school shopping for Macie's uniforms...which by the way...Old Navy and the Gap are having some great sales! I will probably head to Kohl's this weekend also to pick up a a skirt or two. Are those not so cute!? I am also loving these socks!

Jeremy wanted to try to plan the menu for this past week. He never did it. I never went shopping for food, so we had what was in our cabinets. Want to know what it was? Salad, spaghetti, leftover spaghetti, and burgers. Tonight, I am not sure what is going to happen.

Alright, that's all for now! And Kara, I want you to start posting weekly pictures of your baby bump - as soon as you start showing!

Have a good weekend lovelies!


April said...

It is about time you decided to blog...I was beginning to get a little concerned?!?! ha Those skirts are tooo cute and I might have to get some of those if Kacie ends up going to St Joe. So do you feel like you are doing something wrong as far as the house is concerned, like have you looked at different websites as well? I am sure you have, maybe its just not time! I wish you guys luck though. Tell Jeremy, that he just needs to step aside and let the WOMAN of the house have her kitchen duties back :) j/k Oh and as far as 'weekly' pics, do you think her stomach will change that much in that time? Good grief, not asking for much are you?! haha You know I am just playing! Well this is long enough so talk to you later! *I think I got most all of it*

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I will start posting pictures as soon as there is major show. Right now it just looks like a little fat row or something..haha..I think that was their before so not really the baby at all. I have been keeping a pregnancy journal so I will post stuff every week and pictures!
Also..April I can't add you to my blog friend?