"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Zoa's First Dream

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Zoa's First Dream

Zoa had her first dream a few nights ago, although she insists it was real. Around 4:50 a.m. yesterday morning, Zoa comes stumbling into our bedroom.

"Mom, ake up. Crabs are in my bed and they are biting my yegs."

I asked her what they looked like and she said there was one big yellow crab and it was biting her. She even showed her pre-school teacher where it was biting her! Last night, I had to put Band-Aids on her imaginary bites. Four of them.

This is the first dream she has told us about. I remember when Macie had her first dream, she woke up telling us that she was thinking while she slept.

Oh, children!

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Whitney said...

I'm cracking up over here.

I just love her.