"" Three Ladies and a Dad: I need a vacation.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I need a vacation.

I ssooo need a vacation. I have been thinking what we should do this year. I really would like to take the girls to see the beach and all it's wonder. We talked about doing an extended family vacation but getting everyone off of work at the same time may be a tad bit difficult.

Yesterday, my dear husband teased me. He was talking to my mom about taking a short trip to...drumroll please...Mexico.

Just. Us. Two.

My mind started racing. I was already relaxed just thinking about it. Beach loungers. Sunshine. Seagulls. I mentally started going through my closet...what to pack?!

Why would he say something like that? Does he not remember when he slightly mentioned wanting a plasma? And my reaction was, "Let's buy it now. Come on." I was the one that was bugging him to get it. I am the queen of not letting people off the hook. If they even give me the impression it is a possiblity, I want it to happen tomorrow. (Remember my 'I Want it Now' post?)

I told him we could go on our anniversary. That's right. It is already coming up in less than a month. (And they say the first year is the hardest! But that is for another post.)

His reply to that was, "That's a little quick, don't you think?" He mentioned leaving on a Thursday and coming back on a Sunday. The advantage to having a short trip would mean we could still take a family vacation. The girls are just as happy going to St. Louis as they are anything. But then there is Branson again. It is relatively inexpesive, too. (There goes my racing mind again.)

Mexico sounds great to me! But I won't hold my breath.

But I am secretly already getting my hopes up.


Jessica said...

Vacation sounds good to me....I hope you get to go. Would make a nice anniversary present.

Ashley said...

Mexico sounds fun...I want a babymoon! Where did your myspace page go? You blog made me blog...its fun and stress relieving! check mine out growingjacks.blogspot.com