"" Three Ladies and a Dad: The After

Monday, March 10, 2008

The After

As I was getting the girls ready for bed, I had the camera out and realized I have not posted their "new" bedroom.

Macie's Bed

Zoa's Bed

These blocks are on their dresser:

Their nightstand. Ignore the missing picture in the picture frame. Macie had to take the picture to school and it has not made it's way back in the frame. I know...I am a slacker.

These words are on the wall, obviously.

The comforter for the beds.

We purchased the furniture and blocks from Ashley Furniture. The bedding came from Wal-Mart. After searching the internet and all the stores around here, I finally found something I liked enough to buy. Who would of thunk it? The words on the wall came from Words Anywhere, which I found to be the best all around site online. We still need to purchase some new curtains, along with a set of blinds. But all in all, we think it turned out well.

This is my last post today, promise.

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Whitney said...

I want their room. Is that wrong?