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Monday, February 25, 2008


This is the latest picture of me - this past weekend I had 2 assignments due, one of which involves writing three papers. Yes, three papers. Have I ever told you that I do not hate anything, but if I did, it would be writing papers. Even worse, they were for history. If it was something that interested me, it might be different. But history?!

On top of that, I have exactly 1,254,876 things on my To-Do list at work.

I forgot why I took a break from school a while back. School, work, children, a husband and a household is hard work. I feel like my mind is constantly racing and my emotions are running extremely low on fuel. But I am still putting along, and hopefully one of these days I can catch up to the rest of the world. i just have to keep looking ahead.

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Whitney said...

Love the picture! I know the feeling.. it sucks! But like you said, look ahead and keep your eye on the prize :)

Call me if you need anything. Love you!